March 17, 2007

Sunny Saturday!

Hi Everyone,

Well, have you missed me? .... I have missed you !!!

I am so sorry I have not been posting lately, but my dissertation for my Masters is taking up a lot more of my free-time than I thought possible :-( I am hoping to have a bit more space over the Easter holidays to do other things, especially blogging, gardening and a bit more stitching. I guess I feel I ought to be studying at the moment because I only have 6 months left before I have to hand in my 12,000 word 'dissy'. I have really been missing the cross-stitching and what makes it worse, I went round to San's house and saw all the wonderful stitching and crafting she has been doing in recent months and it puts my meagre efforts to shame, that's for sure.

We are looking forward to having a nice day up at the Olympia Stitch 07 exhibition - only a week to go before we head up to London for that. I have promised myself some DMC threads and some buttons this year ... and who knows, maybe some beads as well.

It is very sunny today and, although the weather-man said it is going to get colder and more windy tomorrow, all I can do is look out of the window and see the blue skies and gentle breeze and it reminds me of summer. The only trouble is, however, that it reminds me that in only about 9 weeks' time, it will be a whole year since my DH Mike died. I cannot believe how the year has flown by, despite the fact that I felt it would drag without him here with me. In 2 weeks' time, the family and I have organised a ceremony for him at the Crematorium. We have made a memorial plaque for him, with his dates on and the words "Deeply Missed, but never Forgotten" on. The plaque has been mounted around the edge of a rose bed in the Crem - I may visit it later on next week, to see what it is like before the ceremony on 30th March.

Well, I guess that is all for now. I hope that this finds you well, happy, enjoying life and full of the joys of Spring, if you are in UK or Europe, but full of joy where-ever you are 'visiting' from.

Much love,
Alison xx