November 01, 2006

Halloween - Not a good time in UK

Hi everyone,

I have just paid my regular visit to Von's blog ( and was delighted with her wonderful photos and stories of how they celebrate Halloween in USA. If only we had the same ethos in UK! In recent times it has unfortunately been hijaked and using as an excuse to terrorise people in their own homes. Sadly, despite the fact it is meant to be a time for children, it is being misinterpreted and parents find it increasingly difficult to teach their children to "never accept sweets from strangers" and "don't ask for money from people" for 364 days of the year, and yet on 31st October, all those sound rules are effectively being ignored. So children get confused and youths, possibly having poor (or no) guidance from parents or being left to roam the streets, are using it to create mischief. I do hate to brand young people as "Yobs" because they are frequently the product of neglect and all they need is some boundaries and guidelines and, of course, LOVE!!!!

Enough of my rant - but go and take a look at the way Von has displayed those photos, they are great!!!

Here are a couple of long-awaited WIP photos:

About a year ago (or possibly longer), I stitched 3 of Michael Powell's Mini Cottages series (and I still have a Lighthouse of his to do in my stash pile). I framed them with some inexpensive wooden frames which I bought in HobbyCraft and now they are proudly hanging as a little group in the hallway so that when I come home, I see them and I do think they are cute. Michael Powell's style is so unique to him, I could recognise one of his pieces a mile off! I desperately want to start stitching his "Secret Garden" kit that I bought last Christmas as I love the way the wrought-iron gate is part opened, with the promise of entering the garden and seeing hidden beauty .... hopefully will get some time in the coming months - but next, I am still aiming for my "Road to a Friend's House" and, of course, the project that Margaret and I have planned for 2007, being the 12 Days of Christmas.