November 04, 2007

New Era, New Look!


Well, I decided to choose a new theme for my blog, its called Tequilla. It has unfortunately wiped out all my links to my fave blogs, so I will remediate as soon as possible, as I have a list of those I linked to. I just had this impulse to give my blog a "whole new look" LOL! It is like having a new hairstyle, or giving your house a make-over, a way of marking the beginning of a new era.

If you would like me to link to your blog, feel free to let me know and I will add you.

I heard from my tutor about 10 days ago that I had passed my MSc with a Distinction. It has not sunk in yet, so I haven't exactly celebrated passing, but I do feel relieved that all the stress from the last year has been lifted. As you know, recent times have been very challenging, so there are a lot of things that have an 'unreal' quality about them. Maybe that is life, just when we think we have got it all 'sussed' and life is mapped out for us, then something happens to 'warn' us not to take people or situations for granted.

I am writing this blog entry sitting in a hotel room in Philadelphia, would you believe! I travelled over here yesterday arriving at 3.15pm local time, so I am still feeling a bit jet-lagged. My watch tells me it is 6.45 pm (which is local US East-coast time) but my laptop clock (which is set to UK GMT) is telling me it is nearly midnight - hence that is how my body feels!

I had a free day today (Sunday) looking round Philly and taking in the sights - I am a bit of a culture-vulture and enjoy the local heritage of the places I visit. The Liberty Bell (see image above) is really beautiful and an icon for all who seek and struggle for equality and fair-minded liberalism. As you can see, it has a big crack in the side, which is apparently due to the fact that, like many bells made in the 18th century, the Liberty Bell was made of a mixture of metals, which made it vulnerable to crack when in use. It is no longer rung and is exhibited free of charge in down-town Philadelphia (in the Market Street/6th area of the city). If you get the opportunity, I can recommend a visit, you won't be disappointed. You can even buy your own miniature version (which does ring :-) from the Visitor Centre. Handy for requesting breakfast in bed or afternoon tea, LOL :-D

Tomorrow (Monday) is the start of a busy week as I have meetings in our Philadephia and King of Prussia offices. I will have the pleasure of meeting with people I have only been able to deal with by telephone until now, so it will really be good to put faces-to-names, as they say!

Since I finished my studies in September, I have regrettably had precious-little time to do cross-stitch, and only a couple of hours here and there to make a couple of cards for friends whose birthdays fell in recent weeks. I am just waiting to get this next week's business trip out of the way (which I have been preparing for) and then I think that work will calm down in the lead up to Thanksgiving in US and Christmas generally. I am planning to take around 3 weeks off over Christmas, so its time to max-out on the stitching, yeahhhhhhhhh!!!!

Well, that's about all for now, take care everyone and look forward to visiting your blogs more, now that I have some spare time to enjoy my freedom!!

Warmest wishes
Alison xxxx


AngelSan said...

Congratulations !!!! All that hard work finally rewarded !!!!

Any stitchy things found in the US?

About the links, did you save your old template before moving onto the new one? Because then you can find them in the code and add them there I think.

After moving work and home, my blog had to move to blogspot on Please link me? ;)

Carto said...

Hey there Ali - It's great to see you blogging again. I've been thinking of you a lot and I was wondering how you were.

Aww All...hearty congratulations on your hard-earned distinction! Very well done that Woman!!!

It sounds like you're having a brill time in the US, even though you'll be working for most of it. Lots of love you you lassie xxx

Von said...

Hi Ali! It's been great catching up with you tonight. :)
Congratulations on passing your MSc - it's an awesome amount of work! Enjoy your time here in the US and try to keep in touch. Hugs!

cross stitch peg said...

A big Congratulations on you MSC , and with Distinction wow! Hope you pick up your cross stitch again soon. And enjoy Philadelphia.

Margaret said...

So good to hear from you Alison and rather fun to know you're only at the other end of the country at the moment. You really must tell your company to have their next conference here.

Congratulations on getting your MSc with distinction. Absolutely wonderful and to think you managed this all during such a difficult time in your life. Mike will have had such a big smile on his face, looking down on you when you found out. We're all so proud of you.

Hope you have gotten over your jetlag and are enjoying your stay. Have a safe trip home.


Nelapx said...

bravooooooooooo estas viva aun....
mis mejores deseos en estas vacaciones... cuidado con compras de accion de gracias...ayy por eso sera que hoy vi una paloma pasar por enfrente de la casa.. que ha sido la de tu tarjeta de credito que viene huyendo... mucha suerte en la tesis..