April 07, 2006

Treasures in the Post

Yippeee the postie delivered stash for me today! My Freebie gift arrived from Cross Stitch Collection - its the Tiger I mentioned in my previous blog entry. Its a style that Maria Diaz could have designed, but I am not sure if she works for Anchor ... anyway, its gorgeous!

Not sure when I can start stitching it, but I'm just pleased I managed to get it as the Freebie gift, because I ordered it the day before the offer expired (they were giving away a craft bag in April, but I did not need one of those).

The second envelope I received contained the square of velvet from Sue Hawkins at Olympia (working next to Jane Greenoff's stand) which is the backing for my canvas Heart kit. I make a start on it over the long weekend coming up as it looks really interesting - lots of different stitches, so it should be a challenge.

Well that's all for now, folks - I'm just heading off to bed now as its 9.45 pm and I was up at the crack of dawn this morning as I had an early meeting at work. Sleep well all those in this time-zone :-)


Mayté said...

Ali, the kit for the tigers is very nice, maybe you can stitch it in the summer, will be a great proyect.

Cobgratulations for your new addition to your stash :)

Carto said...

Hi Ali!

Thanks for dropping by to my blog the other day. It cheered me up no end :) I also received one from Lili as well, so to receive two in one day made me float on air for most of it! Thanks again x

My other half is a Programmer, so unfortunately if it's not computer-related, he doesn't want to know about any of my XS WIPs. He does try to understand, and I do get the odd compliment when I show him the latest WIP, but I suppose I'm the same when he shows me his latest program project.

Oooh...Love the tiger, what a lovely design! I look forward to seeing it's progress sometime soon!

Take care :) xx

Stitch said...

Hi Ali! Oh I'm jealous!!! I've wanted that pattern for ages!! LOL I love tigers!! :) Congrats on the good mail! Feels good doesn't it?! LOL

Have a good rest of the weekend!


patternnuts said...

I have never seen that pattern/kit before- love it! Congrats!