April 05, 2006

A Quick Blog before the Day Begins!

Just a few quick words before the day begins! It was such a tonic to read everyone's comments - thanks for dropping by - makes me realise there is life away from an MSc, LOL !

The problem with writing up about an event way past the date is that you tend to forget the finer details .... yes, San, you reminded me that I did enjoy my "chin-wag" with Maria so much I stopped thinking of our rumbling tummies, oops. I certainly surprised us by having a "good-stash-day" that day, not unlike the Allie-Pally event where you came away with armfuls of exciting bags etc! I was tempted to buy both those hearts (the large one I bought was decorated with hearts'-ease and the smaller one with pansies), but figured I have got quite a lot of kits piling up and want to get some of them finished first. Maybe I will ask DH to buy it for me for our wedding anniversary in June - it would be quite appropriate being a heart!

Aah, Isabelle, you reminded me of Skyscape which we both ended up buying - mine is unfortunately still in its sellophane wrapper - but nil desperandum, I have big plans for stitching it over the summer! You definitely beat me on that race as I know you stitched your kit yonks ago! I am looking forward to the beading as I have only beaded on small freeby kits, which isnt quite the same... and you have started rather an interesting debate about Evenweave versus Aida :-) I must say I recently started using evenweave, having been an Aida girl for many a year and I have to say .... I really love the effect of sewing on evenweave and linens (anything where its stitched over 2 threads) and now find that Aida just isnt the job for me!

But I think I will have to remain a "closet Aida stitcher" - like many of the comments I have read on the subject, us Cross-stitchers are ace at recycling and not wasting, so I will have to make something out of all that 14 count :-)

Donna, I am pleased that I have introduced you to the delights of Moira Blackburn - I just love her samplers. Similar to Brenda Keyes, she uses authentic styles and colours which are based on designs she has seen in museums or as part of her own collection. She does have a website where you can feast your eyes! http://www.emlis.com/blackburn.htm There are some great books on there - I am tempted with the Millers Guide on how to Compare and Value Samplers - Millers are, of course the experts in Antiques of all kinds.

Well, its time to start my day's work now, so with my cappucchino in hand (caffeine definitely gets me through the day!) I will bid you all a happy day and will meet again soon either at my blog or yours :-)


DonnaSews said...

Good Morning Ali..

I followed the link to Moria and her work is outstanding. I wish I had more time to do all the projects. I really want to start the Quaker Freebie, we'll see.

Have a nice day...though it must be almost over due to te time difference.



Von said...

Hi Ali!
You have been a busy girl!
So glad you were able to get away on a stitchers expo. Actually meeting designers is a delight! I've met Lorri Birmingham and just this weekend Thea Dueck!
Good luck finishing up your finals!

Lili said...

Aida, evenweave, linen... That's a debate! Aida is for when I'm tires or in a hurry with a project, evenweave is my favourite, lugana in particular, and linen comes after... beacuse like San, I like my stitches to be regular...
It feels so good to have you back blogging!
Bon week end!