March 28, 2006

The Day We Went to Stitch '06

Sorry for the delay in creating this Blog entry - you may know that I have been studying for a Masters (MSc Information Management) over the past 2 years - well my finals are coming up in less than a month (I cannot believe the time has flown by!) and so I have had to become a bit of a boring swot for a few weeks. But in between times if you have visited AngelSan's blog ( you will see that I took a Saturday off from the studies and San and I had a brilliant day at the Stitch '06 Exhibition at Olympia on Saturday 25th March.

I think that the best part of it was being able to meet up with our favourite designers and talk to them personally about their designs. I was particularly pleased to talk with Maria Diaz as I have always admired her creativity - she is undoubtedly an extremely talented person and, what is more, she is so down-to-earth and lovely to talk with! Her stand was an impressive show-case of her wide range of work - from cute New Born Cards, wildlife, scenery, quirky dog-walkers and charming settings such as a Paris cafe and Venecian gondolier. Sadly I missed being able to talk to Helen Phillips as she was absent from her stand when we passed by.

However, I got some great stash - here is a list:

1. 3 pieces of gorgeous linen (dusky pink - hey new for me!, country style brown and cream) - just right for my next samplers!
2. Cross Stitch Collection - latest edition. I will do a review this weekend. I finally got a subscription and the free Lion kit, which is totally stunning.
3. A canvas kit to make a pendant-style Heart from Jane Greenoff's stand - the kit includes instructions for making the tassle. The lady who served me is going to send me a piece of burgundy velvet for the back of the heart.
4. A Moira Blackburn Sampler - photo shown below
I have decided to change the poem (as you can see their suggestion is appropriate for making a Twins birth sampler but its really easy to change - they even supply the alphabet and graph paper in the kit). I have chosen some lines from a poem called The Passionate Shepherd to his Love by Christopher Marlowe. The poem is very very romantic! A Shepherd is convincing a girl to be his love by enticing her with promises of a bed of roses and views out across the fields. The last 2 lines of the poem say:

If these delights thy mind may move,
Then live with me and be my love

These words are really special to DH and me! Also I thought the theme of the poem went well with the design as it has lots of sheep on a hillside!

Happy stitching, everyone!


AngelSan said...

About time! (now you recognise me giving you a hard time ;)
You seemed to be in deep discussion with Maria Diaz, I remember, mom and I were waiting for you to go for lunch, and you were "chat chat chat" ;)

The lady at Jane Greenoff stand wanted to keep me after I told Alison to take the 2 kits she hesited between ! (now my english is gone....)

Also you should have said that you bought something before me, and I think you bought more than me as well...

Isabelle said...

Hi Ali, I wish you all the luck and strength for the home stretch... Don't worry, you're not boring, who wouldn't understand?

The Sampler you bought is wonderful! I'm sure I would have bought the same for me if I'd been with you... Just like Skyscape last year! ;) I love the lines you chose :)

((((Hugs)))) and do take care! Don't overwork yourself :)

DonnaSews said...

Hi Ali..

I love this sampler. I never stitched a Moria sampler. I will look up her designs.

Great work!!


Kim said...

That's a cute sampler. I can see why you like it. Sounds like y'all had a lot of fun at the show.

Good luck on your test!

~Harsha~ said...

that sampler is lovely!

Nela said...

hola Alison, este mensaje es para despedirme, siiii me voy de viaje a Bogota, nos vemos al regresooo, no se si tenga internet, besotes

Lili said...

What a wonderful sampler! I can't wait to see progress pics! And I absolutely love the poem you have chosen!
Lots of hugs, Ali!