March 09, 2006

Lots of News!

I have been really hectic this week and consequently, my blog entries have been thin on the ground (sorry!) - but I will make up for it now! I have got so much to talk about, I have a backlog to catch up with :-)

Firstly, I have taken a couple of update photos of the Adam & Eve sampler for you - showing you the lacing and the effect of stretching it onto acid-free backing board before framing. Traditional samplers are meant to be framed close to the edge of the design, which looks stunning. However, if the lines are crooked, because the piece has not been stretched correctly, it can look awful .... maybe when my sampler has been framed, the lines will look straight, but the photo makes it look a bit wobbly!

I also have some Stash to show off! I am a buttons addict - I really love all the different designs that are available and sometimes just sit down with a big pile and go through them, thinking about possible projects where I can use them. I just need some more time and the right charts for them to be shown off to their best effect.

My favourite ones from this latest batch are the Watering Can and the Rag Doll

The Winery buttons are fun ... these are a joke for DH, to remind him of the amount of gorgeous New Zealand wine he enjoyed :-)


Kim said...

Your project looks great laced up! Thanks for showing the back, I've always wondered what they look like when they've been "laced". :)

Love the buttons! I love buttons too and have to stop myself from buying them, as I don't really need them and I'd have buckets full if I gave in. ;)

Von said...

I, too, enjoyed seeing the lacing of the back!! I've done it only once myself, and looks like I did ok!!

Mayté said...

Ali, your sampler is beautiful I want to see it framed. The buttons are so cute, I love buttons too.