March 10, 2006

My Mugs!

Here are my favourite mugs - thanks for the suggestion, Kim, its a great idea to do this!

The one on the left is my cappucchino mug with a matching coaster which doubles as a "lid". The motto is "The years have been kind, its the weekends that have done the damage!"

The right mug is for other drinks like herbal tea etc as the mug is bone china. DH's mum bought us a matching pair - mine is Head Gardener and DH's is Under Gardener (as he is my assistant in the horticultural domain :-)


Kim said...

Those are great cups! Love cappucino one best though, I should make that my motto. LOL

Your new magazine looks like it has some fun stuff in it. Love the Little Miss Muffet pattern. :)

Nela said...

I like both, hello ali, you did not receive a mail mine?

Von said...

Love the sentiment of your weekend mug - hilarious! And your gardener mug is beautiful. :D