March 11, 2006

Technical Problem with my Blog

My Profile dropped to the bottom of the blog rather than being visible at the top.

This is a known coding problem - if it happens to you (there is no way of knowing when it may happen or exactly what causes it!), just go into the Template code, and find the following code - then ensure that it matches what I have written below - you may need to slightly increase or reduce the width number + or - 475px -

#main-content {
display: inline; /* fixes a strange ie margin bug */
float: left;
margin: 0 0 0 3px;
padding: 0;
width: 475px; }

Hey presto! Your Profile will be restored to the top again. Looks like it fixed mine, hoorah

Ali xx


Von said...

Yay, Ali!! Glad you figured out how to fix the problem. :D

Nela said...

gracias ya resolvi, era el gato, era muy grande, he tenido que quitarlo,
ahora sabes como subo imagen direccionada a una web? quiero colocar la imagen del logo de San y direccionarla a su blog? Vash lo tienen asi, como se hace eso?

Nela said...

y ya tengo imagen, que tal.... graciassssss

an_drea said...

Hi Ali!!
I read your post because Nela tell me about it.

I have problems with my blog, and I want to ask you, this 475 number, is the size od sidebar or leftbar?

I cannot obtain my blog show sidebar ok... :(

I've always seen it ok, because I use Mozilla Firefox, so I don't know since when my blog is viewing "bad".

I have to make some photo smaller, cause I always have same images and it was ok...

Thanks for your help!!