September 24, 2006

Late Summer Gardening

I thought I would take the opportunity to 'snap away' in the back garden as the UK is enjoying some lovely sunny weather at the moment (albeit interspersed with some dramatic thunder storms). This time of year, one never knows how long sunshine will last. It seems as if my pots have suddenly regained some strength and are now bursting forth with a whole new crop of colourful flowers after a bit of a lull in Aug/early Sept. I also think that the rain fall we had this week helped a lot. I repainted the garden furniture with Cuprinol (wood conditioner) which has darkened the wood beautifully, so thought I would show off my hard work :-)

On Friday, we had rain in almost monsoon-like proportions. I was sitting in the library at University in the afternoon watching the torrents of rain falling down for well over an hour, with leaden skies and claps of thunder .... wondering how I could possibly get back to my car (which was a good 10 minutes walk across the campus) without being a complete drowned-rat with all my books, papers and writing materials spoiled. I was only wearing a pair of thin trousers, summer top and cardigan, as it had been mild and fairly bright in the morning. Thankfully by 4pm, the rain stopped sufficiently for me to be able to take a quick walk back to the car and I guess the blessing was that I did get a couple of extra hours' work done as I was "a captive" in the library :-D ...... Maybe Mike decided that I needed to get that extra work done and then at 4pm turned off the tap and let me get back safely without getting wet!

To Margaret, Ash and Carolyn, I have sent off your magazines - World of Cross Stitch/Cross Stitch Card Shop/Crazy - in the post this weekend so I hope you will soon be able to "feast your eyes" on the designs.

Happy weekend everyone
Alison xxxx


Mayté said...

Ali, thanks a lot for your nice comment in my blog. We had few raining days this week. Yesterday we stay at home the whole day because of the rain, all that water was good for our plants. Your garden looks beautiful and you did a great job painting the chairs :)

Von said...

Your garden looks all spruced up and lovely! Our rain showers have cleared the air in our area and the sky has been wonderfully clear and sunny. Trees are beginning their autumn color changed. It's a great time of year. :D

Isabelle said...

What a beautiful garden you have, Ali!! You did a great job with it :)
The weather has been the same here, mostly sunny but with occasionally torrents of rain. It's still pretty warm though! What a blessing after the automnal August we all had!

Isabelle said...

Hope you have a beautiful week, Ali! :) *Hugs*

Stitch or no stitch said...

Your garden looks wonderful Alison. What a great job you did getting it all ready for the fall. It looks so peaceful & lovely.
Have a great week.
Hugs, Margaret

Nela said...

jaufcAli me encantannn tu jardin, aca llueve casi todos los dias ahora, estamos en periodo de lluvia, mejor de chubasco, por que lluueeeeeveeeee, no has mirado mi blog?¿? hay 2 comentarios para ti, una comidita y otra cosa.. juajajajja dile a margaret que lo lea...

Heather said...

I know about the monsoon conditions, it was practically at my doorstep on Friday.

Your garden is huge and beautiful.