September 17, 2006

Latest Progress on Seed Sampler

Hope you are all enjoying an active or restful weekend (whichever is your preference!). I have spent this morning sewing my Seed Sampler and here is the WIP photo I promised. There have been lots of colour changes (and a bit of frogging unfortunately!!) but I have managed to get the lady sitting on her bench* reading a book looking right - I think I skipped a line in the pattern, which is where the frogging came in :-(( Eventually on the right hand side, there is a huge geranium (which is the picture on the packet of seeds) and a header at the top with some bumble-bees buzzing around - can't wait to start that bit! At the moment, all the colour changes are slowing me down but that's the Cross Stitcher's lot, I'm afraid :-)

**NB: I know it probably looks as if the lady is floating in mid-air at the moment, but once I have completed all the backstitching, she will definitely be sitting on a bench LOL!!

I have
been called upon to make 50 wedding favours for a friend's wedding coming up in about 3 weeks so that will be keeping me occupied each evening next week because I want to get them finished in time to hand the box to her when I see her in about a week's time. I am doing little choccies in some netting circles, gathered at the neck and fastened with gold ribbon and a tiny gold rose to finish off. I will take a photo when I finish them so you can 'inspect the work' LOL!

I am looking forward to starting my stitching project with Margaret at the start of the new year. We are doing the 12 Days of Christmas (MS designs from her booklet given away in Cross Stitcher). I am very honoured that Margaret has invited me to pair up with her on such a project and it is going to be something really special to look forward to after a year that has been incredibly difficult for me. I hesitate to say that I want to forget the year as the events, tragic though they have been to me, are a part of my life and one cannot separate oneself from life-changing experiences as they shape you into the person you are and will be in the future. Its just getting through and surviving that is the key thing now. However, it will be great to focus on our 12 Days project, as a way of being positive for the future.

I am starting to make a birthday card for my friend's DH whose birthday is just before Christmas - he is a very keen cyclist so I am stitching one of those "The World's Greatest ..." series from The Cross Stitch Card Shop magazine for him - of course its The World's Greatest Cyclist and I am going to personalise it with his club colours and even his bike and cyclists helmet will be the right colours. Will keep you posted on the progress, of course!

Happy Sunday everyone!


Stitch or no stitch said...

Seed Sampler is coming along so beautifully. Am looking forward to seeing the finished piece.
Wow, you are in for a busy week making all those wedding favours. She's lucky to have a friend like you.
I'm thrilled to be doing a project with you next year Alison. It will be great fun.

Anonymous said...

Have fun with the wedding favours and stitching! Ann.

Nela said...

Eso alison, eso se hace... ay me gusta como va quedando, dime y bordaras los 12 dias completos? cunado dices estamos cuantos son?, un beso y feliz semana,,, aun te debo las recetas maƱana tratare de cocinar para ti,... un beso

Von said...

You have some wonderful projects to keep you busy! I know you've had difficult days this year, but it's encouraging to see you staying involved with your friends and stitching, Ali. Keep up the great stitching! Looking forward to seeing Seed Sampler finished. :D

Nela said...

ali. a ver explicame mejor, cuando comenzaran a bordar los 12 dias? y para cuando terminaran, empezaran en enero? o que? por que si es para enero si me uno a uds a bordar esos 12 dias? y si desean tambien podemos los 12 horoscopos, que dicen?

Linda K's Creativity Works said...

Hi Ali

Your Seed Sampler project is just beautiful and I love the colors in that one as well are doing a very wonderful job in stitching that too...

I am going through a bad time right now myself and I read what your wrote about you going through your bad times as well too and I really enjoyed what your wrote about that. You have such a way with words and when I read what you wrote it sort of gave me some encouragement to keep on going and not give up or even taking the blame for what is going on with another family member.

Take care & Happy Stitching
Linda K

~Harsha~ said...

love the seed sampler.. such vibrant colors!