December 18, 2005

Getting into the Christmas Spirit!

Well, Christmas is getting closer so its time to start thinking about the "Festivities". Yes I know, its the 18th December so please forgive my tardiness - all due to exams on 16th, everything else did take a 'back-seat' this year - although I will say I bought most of my presents in November, knowing that the impending doom of weeks of exam preparation was upon me!

Above is a photo of my Reindeer and Snowman ... here is a story. Last week DH came back home after work with a mysterious bag. Not wanting to pry (especially as this time of year does seem to produce extra bags, sneeking around the house looking secretive and other exciting things ...) I decided not to say anything. Later in the evening, when we had some friends over for dinner, he handed me the bag and said I could open it. Apparently, DH had been walking past a craftshop and saw Reindeer in the window and thought I would go mad for it so went in and bought it. I could not believe he would buy something sooooo cute. As he looked a bit lonely, I have added Snowman who was bought 2 years ago. As it is a similar "cute" style, they sit on top of the fireplace together.

Here is this year's Christmas Teddy - DH has been buying them for me each year we have been together - so it has become a bit of a tradition. They always come with a name-tag - this year Teddy is Nicholas and he either takes over my recliner (when I am not sitting in it!) or sits on the bookcase as in the photo - last year's Teddy was more of a computer fan, and I found him sitting at my laptop (they do tend to move around the house mysteriously ... not sure how it happens ... )

Well, I had better nip off because DH is calling me for something to eat (its already lunchtime!). Before I go, you may see I have put a couple of links to friends' Blogs on my side-bar, for AngelSan and Isabelle. If you would like me to add a link to your Blog on my site, just let me know and I will happily add you. I intend to make some changes and enhancements to this blog over Christmas - its going to be like moving into a new home and making it comfy!

Take care of yourselves and keep warm (if you are in the Western Hemisphere) - if you are enjoying the heat of the summer right now, in the antipodes, I must say I feel rather envious as I sit here in a thick fleecy top and woolly socks :-) looking at the milky winter sunshine trying its hardest to be bright.


Martin said...

Hey, you have a great blog here! I'm definitely going to bookmark you!

I have a yerba slim site/blog. It pretty much covers yerba slim related stuff.

Come and check it out if you get time :-)

Shell said...

what a great DH you have,my DH struggles with the food shopping let alone gift shopping :)
I have sorted some sampler charts out if you are still interested,if you have enough now no problem ,just let me know if you want them and I will get them posted off.
Sorry forgot to say - love your new blog

Stitch said...

Hi Ali! I love your little reindeer! What a sweetheart you have! :) I love the teddy bear idea too...we exchange ornaments every year. :) Anyhoo, welcome to the blog family...I'm fairly new here we'll figure things out together..LOL

Have a great day!


Lili said...

Well, you also have a great DH! Men can be so wonderfully romantic! I'm always glad to see happy couples!