December 22, 2005

No sign of a White Christmas!

Today was really great - it was my last day at work before the holidays so I finished around 3pm as I had completed everything I needed to do. Tomorrow I am planning to go for a swim first thing, then have my hair trimmed (it is completely out of control, like a wild hedge, so I am really looking forward to having it restyled) - depending on how it looks I will post a photo!

Walking in a Winter Wonderland ....

I have added a beautiful snow-scene because, despite continual reports in the past few weeks on UK radio of a White Christmas in southern England, it looks unlikely to happen. Today has been mild (around 9 C) and the forecast for the rest of the week is mild, with cloud and some glimpses of sunshine. I am quite relieved as it can snow quite heavily where we live on the edge of the Chiltern Hills (nothing in comparison to, say, Canada or Scandinavia of course, but the difference is that Britain never seem to be ready for anything more than a few flakes of snow before the country grinds to a halt LOL :-) Anyway, DH and I are looking forward to our customary Christmas morning walk around our village and surrounding countryside. We head off around 10am after we have opened a few presents and are out for at least an hour. I will take a few photos to show you our village as it is quite cute and traditionally English!

On the theme of snow, if you are looking for a cute Snowman pattern, try this one - it is free on website!

to all my FRIENDS in CRAFT around the world!


Von said...

Hi Ali! Your Christmas walk sounds wonderful - enjoy!!
We don't usually receive much snow here. This week we've had freezing rain tho and I'd take snow over that any day!!
Merry Christmas!!

Crazy X-Stitcher Etc said...

Merry Christmas to you too and your family from sunny island of Singapore.