January 01, 2006

HAPPY NEW YEAR for 2006!

Firstly, I would like to wish everyone the brightest, most creative year possible in 2006 as well as the normal good wishes for health, happiness and wealth (in that order!!)

This is my first opportunity since the start of the holidays to log on and check my e-mails as well as post an entry on my Blog. Tomorrow I will be posting an updated WIP photo of my sampler which has been going rather well - those who saw my previous photo in an earlier entry will notice some good progress.

It seems as if people are writing about their new year's resolutions. I have never been very keen on them myself as it always seems to me to be strange to wait until Jan 1st to decide to take an action - although I think it is sometimes a good time because it seems like an emotional "new page" on the first day of a New Year. So I guess my main objective this year is to try to start fewer projects but finish what I have started and not lose interest half way through - I am not just referring to cross stitching, but to all aspects of my life. I have so many things I want to do that I sometimes overburden myself and then end up not doing anything. So if I can achieve the aim of completing and accomplishing fewer things better in the coming year, then I will be happy. I would also like to become more patient with others and try to understand people's point of view better - it is always too easy to get wrapped up in one's own beliefs and opinions, without considering what other people feel - so I hope to display some of that greater tolerance to all my friends and family in the year.

Hope its a good one for you all !


Von said...

Hi Ali! Resolutions aren't my strong suit either, but it does feel nice to start a new year with a clean slate :) As far as your aim to become more patient with others, in my experience it becomes easier as you get older and go through your own problems and issues and see others with theirs. My core beliefs haven't changed, but I think I do see other points of view easier than I used to.

Stitch said...

Hi Ali! Happy New Year to you as well! :) May this be the best one yet! I can understand about starting things and not finishing them..I do that all the time. Both with stitchy things..and life things. We'll work on this together...LOL I'll be your cheerleader! GO ALI!!! Can't wait to see your progress!