January 04, 2006

Progress on my Sampler .... Sadness in USA

WIP Photo 4th Jan 2006
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Detail Photo
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I was quite motivated for stitching today for some reason - I guess its because I can see my work coming to life so its a good incentive to finish it and hang it on the wall. Since yesterday I have stitched a complete line of the lower case alphabet (at the top of the sampler), plus the line and also 3 more of the green embellishments on the border. I need to finish off the border line, but its a bit boring ... so of course I keep putting it off :-( Maybe I will do some of it tomorrow, then I can add the embellishments on the other side which are in a different colour - that should spice it up a bit! The reason I added a detail photo is that when I looked at the photo on yesterday's blog entry I thought that the shapes to the right of the numbers were not very clear. I think they were added to balance the line off (rather than having a gap).


Just to offer my deepest sorrow to all US people reading this blog - it was so awful to hear the events unfold during today, with the families of the miners trapped underground firstly rejoicing because they thought their loved-ones were saved, only to have their hopes dashed when it transpired that there had been a mis-communication and all but one miner had perished.

It is unimaginable to reflect upon the pain and distress those people must be feeling right now - what a tragic way to start the New Year.


Isabelle said...

Dear Ali, your sampler is coming along so nicely! It is so pretty.

AngelSan said...

yes, when are you coming to show me your sampler? it's getting very very good !!!

Juanita - aka flosslady said...

Your sampler looks great! I can't wait to see more progress on it.

Lili said...

This is a great sampler! I am really getting very interested in making one myself. So I have a few question,... again...
First of all: what is exactly a sampler? I cant' find a clear definition of it, it seems the word is given to many sorts of designs. But if you're a purist, what should it be exactly? Alphabet? Stitching around a theme? Does it always include special stitches?
Second: do you buy them on the web, and if so, who's your supplier?
Third: everything you feel like explaining about samplers will be very welcome...
Have a nice WE, Ali!
PS: Thanks a lot for adding me in your links! I need to update my list too, but the last time I did, it was an awful mess so I always delay...