January 22, 2006

Update on Wedding Sampler ... and that Mystery Parcel !

I had a productive weekend's stitching - I felt fully justified in doing very little other than stitching yesterday, because I am now on very limited time to get the Wedding Sampler completed before February 13th when DH flies off the NZ! After dinner last night, I mapped out the words onto graph paper, just to ensure I centred the lines across the design. I still need to add "MATTHEW" next to TRUDY, and also a flower bud on the right of "MARRIAGE" to balance the design. I ran out of time as DH and I spent the day putting up towel rails, toilet roll holders and a blind in the shower room and downstairs toilet - it looks much more "finished" now, but we still need to order the floor covering ... have not made up our minds on that, yet!

Disaster has struck :-( I have run out of DMC 407 (pale pink) which is used for the inside flowers round the border. I have ordered another skein from SewDiscounted with some other colours I need, so it should arrive midweek. If not, I will go to Hobbycraft on Thursday as I want to buy the frame there too. Meanwhile, I can stitch the cream flowers, stems and leaves outside the border, so it will not slow me down! All being well, I will finish around 10 days ahead of schedule, with some breathing space "just in case". Phew!

As I mentioned in a previous entry, a parcel has been waiting for me at the Post Office. As I thought, it was from my brother and sister-in-law. When I got it home, DH and I opened it up and it had a large silver box inside for each of us. Excitement was not the word!! DH's box contained a beautiful velour bath-robe in lovely browns, burgundies and deep green colours and my box contained a towelling bath-robe which was softer than cotton wool. Weren't we lucky!!!

Scroll down to the next entry for the latest Cross Stitch Gold review! Have a happy evening everyone! I am off to make some Leek and Potato Soup - just the thing for a cold evening yum. xxx


kimananda said...

This is a nice blog you have. Interestingly, I first focused only on the picture, and was having a great time imagining a story to go with it...like the author of this post is Trudy, who has cross stitched a wedding sampler in advance, name of other person to be added when she meets him...or she's just been dumped, and has taken the man's name out, etc. Then I actually read the post and now I understand everything.... It's a great design, in any case, and is giving me inspiration to photograph some of my recent stitching.

Von said...

Hi Ali! Thanks so much for your concern about my sinus infection and frogging - you're such a dear :))
I'm fine and my project is progressing along nicely.
It's lovely to see your progress and must confess I thought something much like the previous comment - that you had worked this up wayyyy ahead of time, lol!!

Lili said...

How funny! When I saw the sampler as such, I thought "is this Trudy waiting for the man of her life?" before I realized it was the one for NZ...
It is very beautiful already!
I also really appreciate the mags reviews you're doing: this is great work. Thank you for sharing!

Isabelle said...

Dear Ali, your mentioning soup is spooky indeed! I think I could live on soup - that's actually what I do most of the week (except when Seb scolds me and make me eat something more "substantial", as he says ;) ).

I can't believe how much progress you've achieved on your wedding sampler! It is so beautiful, I love those soft colours :) I'm sure you'll have it finished in time :)

Have a nice week! :)

~Harsha~ said...

Ali.. the wedding sampler is looking really good! Can;t wait to see it finished.

Bastet said...

Looking Good. The Sampler will be well recieved!