January 03, 2006

Latest on my Welsh Sampler

Here is an updated WIP photo of my Welsh Sampler which shows some progress on the alphabet part of the sampler and also the border. Unfortunately, because some of the letters are stitched in Ecru (cream to you and me!!), it looks as if there are gaps, because the definition on the photo is not great - but I have stitched them (honest! ;-) I hope that I will complete the main part of the Sampler by the end of this week and the border by the weekend so that I can get started on the Wedding present for our friends early next week, although I am quite tempted to make a start on it over the weekend. I know I am impatient, but hey, its a weakness of us all !

It has been really grey, cloudy and damp here in England all day, almost as if you could reach out and touch the clouds; a typical English January day - the daylight has been poor, but sitting by the large window in our living room, I have been able to make good progress on my stitching today. It was also helped by my DH going back to work - not that I do not like having him around, but I do find that I end up making something to eat, chatting and not stitching :-) I am not sure if I am the only one to stick with day-light for stitching - it really is limiting, I know. That is one reason I do a Happy Dance as soon as the days get longer and I know I will have many happy hours of stitching over the summer months.

I am going to do some painting in our downstairs cloakroom tomorrow - we have a friend coming over on Saturday to help us fit a counter-top over our washing machine and tumble drier and also some cupboards to store all my washing "supplies" so I have to make sure the walls have been painted ready. So maybe I will have little time for stitching, but will try to allow myself a "lunch-hour" !! I have decided on a pale moss green colour called Croquet.


Bastet said...

the Welsh Sampler is looking very nice! Glad you told us that the missing letters were "washed out".

I used to rely on the sun to stitch on Grape Gatherer (stitched on a forest type green) but the postition I had to sit in didn't do my back any good, so until I get a lamp small and light enough to clip to my frame I won't be using dark coloured fabric or working on GG. Have fun painting!

Von said...

Hi Ali! Great to see your Welsh Sampler :)
Putting a countertop over your washer and dryer will make your space very efficient! Sometimes I think I'd like to stack mine to make some room for a nice deep sink - someday!