January 25, 2006

Head Like Cotton Wool

Hi there everyone - well, as you can tell from my previous 'daft' posting, my brain is like pulp and I am up with the birdies in the sky!

Lili, I agree with you about Pulp Fiction, its just so ace, I really could watch it a dozen times and find something new and quirky to laugh about, that is the mastery of Tarantino's gift.

Time prevents me from doing a detailed posting today, however, I will update my blog on Friday when I have some more time. From time to time, I hop onto your blogs and leave my "footprints" where I have been, its just so hectic at the moment - I am sure we are all in the same mad situation of having too little time to spread around too many tasks. Maybe God is looking down and smiling on us like little ants dashing here there and everywhere - but in the meantime, we do have mortgages to pay, families to care for and about, and apologies to make to our friends for not keeping in touch enough.... keep coming back to me, I would miss you so!

In the meantime, big hugs, and happy crafting, all
Ali xxx


Isabelle said...

Hugs Ali! :)

Lili said...

Yep! Pointless ants! Take care!