January 17, 2006

Project WIP Photos - with a difference!

Difficult to tell, but the paint work was green and purple - yuk!!

Before you are worried and think I am doing rather weird Cross Stitch pictures these days, this is just something for those who might be interested!! Von asked me to show some project photos of our ensuite shower room which we have just completed. I don't need to explain which ones are the "before" and which are the "after" photos as I think that is clear :-)
It has been a dream for a couple of years to have a proper shower room (which is off our bedroom) - as I believe in the 'pamper-value' for a woman to be able to have a luxury room to put all her potions creams and bubbles!! I thought it would never happen - but happily after many weekends hard work, this is the result. I am still pinching myself as I cannot quite believe we have done it.

Well, its back to the Cross-stitch now :-)

Ali xxx


Von said...

Yay, Ali! We don't have a master bath and I've been dreaming of a way to add one one. I really like the sink/vanity unit!! Very good use of space!
Congrats and enjoy your bathroom!!

Isabelle said...

Wow Ali, congratulations to you and your DH on this HUGE accomplishment!
I don't know how you manage to get it all done - all your work and studies, redecorating, and crafting! You do know how to use your time efficiently, don't you! :)
Thank you for your comments on my blog, they always are so kind and mean A LOT to me :)

Hugs and again - kudos!