January 10, 2006

A Quick Posting to say Hello

Hello my Crafting Friends,

I have started a new job this week and it will be difficult to get to my computer to update my blog until Friday, as I have to attend a two day team meeting and things like that - being "the new girl" will be fun! After all the new things I will have to learn, I think I will feel like Eeyore (see picture above!).

In the meantime, why not visit dear AngelSan's blog to see the update from our get-together yesterday evening. Just click here: http://angelsan.free.fr/blog.php

Come back and visit me soon, OK?

San's stir-fry was a-mazing :-) Had a lovely evening with her, chatting about our crafts, Christmas, future project plans, current WIPs! I also saw San's lovely pictures of her home town Lille, and it is definitely on my wish-list to go over there for a visit soon - it looks beautiful and historic.

Take care, keep crafting!
Ali xx