January 17, 2006

Review of Cross Stitch Card Shop (Feb 2006 issue)

So, what's on offer in the Cross Stitch Card Shop this month?
Well, for starters there is a cute freeby which is a Souffle card (one of the Popcorn family) - nice for some quick Spring-time stitching - or even an Easter or Mother's Day card! Included in kit: Threads, needle, card, motifs for Mothers Day and "With Love" and mini-envelope. The chart is printed in the magazine and is fairly large and clear rather than the small pre-printed cards sometimes included in the actual kit bag.

Now, for the highlights (in order of my preference):

Furry Friends (designer: Jenny Barton) Cute cats and dogs in bright colours with bones around the border (for the dogs) and fish bones (for the cats)

Roses and Bows (designer: Susan Bates) Topiary designs, good for Mother's Day (or even a 'girlie card' for a dear friend's birthday).

Feng Shui (designer: Sue Page) These are very true depictions of flowers with traditional oriental styles 'joy', 'love', 'friendship' - an excellent idea for a general all-year-round greeting card. I think they may take quite a few hours to stitch ...

His and Hers (designer: Debra Page) Lovely bright colours, cartoon-style, good enough for your Man! i.e. not too frilly or romantic. His-and-Hers Undies, Dancing Shoes, Sunday Brunch - hey the list is wonderful!

I used to subscribe to this magazine, then the designs were not so good for a while, so I swapped to Cross Stitch Gold - then Card Shop improved - isn't it just my luck!! Mind you I love Gold - its the Best!! So now I buy Card Shop when I see something I like in it.


siouxsiesweets said...

i got this issue too, i found it quite good, the cats and dogs are cute, i was going to do a review not i dont have too!!

Kim said...

This magazine looks very interesting. It would be fun to have around a lot of projects made just for cards. :)

I also wanted to tell you how much I love your sampler, the one that San has a pic of you holding on her site. I just love it! The colors, the design, it's just a great sampler. :D

~Harsha~ said...

Thanks for the review Ali.. I hope this issue will still be on the shelf when DH goes to London on the 23rd LOL.

ps : can't find the poem!! i really wanna read it!