January 16, 2006

First posting of a new week!

Hi there everyone - I have really missed doing my blog entries due to work being so busy last week, so I have really been looking forward to talking with you all again! I was pleased with my stitching efforts this weekend, as I continued with the Welsh sampler and also started the Wedding sampler which DH will take over to New Zealand for Matthew and Trudy in February.

I decided to make a quick calculation to work out how long it will take me to finish the Sampler based on the hours I estimate it will take and the days I have available to stitch. I believe it will take me a total of 24 hours stitching time (which is quite quick - based on what I did over the weekend) and I should complete it with about 5 hours to spare which gives me a further weekend to frame it and pack it in protective bubble-wrap and carton ready for DH's hand-luggage (definitely don't trusting it to be delivered in one piece if put in the suitcase!!)

The other main activity of the weekend was that DH and I finished the decorating in the bathroom and downstairs utility room where we have now got our washing machine and tumble drier as well as some nice cupboards to store all my washing liquids etc. I even sneaked a small bowl of pot pourris on the counter-top (DH laughed and said that he knew I could not resist "pretty-ing it up" ;-) he knows what I am like.

I hope to be able to have a more advanced photo of the Welsh sampler with most of the border completed by the end of the week. It is going in the hall, I decided last week. Just need to find a suitable frame.

Bye for now, happy crafting all !



Von said...

Hi Ali! Good to "see" you again :)
I love getting house projects done! Congrats on yours and you could show us some pics of that too!! All progress is to be celebrated, lol!!

Shell said...

hope you get it finished and framed on time.Love to see a pic when it is done.