January 28, 2006

A Nice Surprise!

A Gift in Cross Stitch!
DH is away for a few days on business so its been a very quiet time at home. I have spent today catching up on jobs around the house and also trying to progress on the Wedding Sampler as I have about 11 days to go before it has to be finished. When I got back home from University yesterday afternoon, there was an Amazon parcel on the doorstep (our postie always hides it in the porch behind a flowerpot, but no-one takes anything in our village!) "Strange" I thought "I don't remember ordering anything ...."
When I opened it, it was a book (pictured left) which DH had bought as a bit of a "cheer up" while I was home-alone. Its beautifully compiled by David & Charles, written by Barbara Hammet, full of photos and information. There are unusual projects such as a Charles Voysey clock (appropriately called TIME ENOUGH) featuring two swans in a lake with birds and deers, 3 classic Mackintosh cushions, and smaller motifs for a needle case, pin cushion, napkins, coasters etc (shown on the cover. Lots of information to browse all about this iconic and evocative era at the turn of the last Century.

I will try to do a review of the current Cross Stitch Collection in the coming days - its a great issue, with plenty to put on the to-do list for the Spring and Summer months. I am considering terminating my Q&E subscription when it comes up for renewal in 2 months, and there is rather a stunning Tiger and her Cub kit (normally £25) being offered for new subscribers to Collection ... its very tempting. Cathy Bussi has been featured frequently and I really do love her designs, so I am sure it will be worth getting.

It was a really cold but bright day in England today - very blue and crisp but so cold, the frost on the ground still had not melted by sun-down. I think its healthy to have this weather as it kills off all the bugs, and also the slugs and snails (sorry, chaps, but you really upset me when you eat all my busy-lizzies in the Summer !)

WIP - Brenda Keyes Wedding Sampler (plus Little Gold Ted)

Here is an update of my Wedding Sampler. Yes, now it has both the bride and groom's name on. I am on track to complete it in time - I estimate a further 6 hours' work is needed to complete the flowers round the edges. I will be very busy at work next week, with my Project testing due to start in 10 days and lots to prepare, but I plan to stitch 3 hours tomorrow and three next Saturday. Then I have time on Sunday for stretching and framing. I am looking for an Antique Pine frame as I know it will fit in well with Matt and Trudy's home surroundings. I am planning to go to the Pine Shop near University next Friday to see what I can find.

Enjoy your Saturday, have some fun and as always HAPPY CRAFTING!


Isabelle said...

Oh, Ali, your hubby's so sweet... Isn't he the best!

Besides, this conjures up delightful memories for me... Us two marvelling at Barbara Thompson's designs at the Olympia! :)

I hope you're having a lovely weekend with your pretty sampler... Although your DH is away! :)

Von said...

Ali, I can hardly believe how thoughtful and sweet your DH is!! It took my hubbie about 25 years to catch on, lol!!

Lili said...

How delighting to see how cute you two can be! I will tell this book story to my DH, it might give him an inspiration...LOL
I am quite tempted by Art Nouveau designs, but my DH hates it so much that I haven't tried yet... You know how it is: I like to show him what I do once in a while and hear nice things...
I am also thinking of changing my subscriptions : give up Cross Stitcher that keeps disappointing me and find something else. That's where your mag reviews will be helpful, so keep up the good work!
Your sampler is very very beautiful, with a touch of modernity that I really love! I'm also very glad Trudy finally found the man of her life! Wishing you fine stitching hours to complete it in time. Your old pine frame idea sounds great to fit the design!
Lots of hugs!