June 29, 2006

Beautiful Flowers

Here is a photo of the basket full of dried flowers I have saved from Mike's floral tributes. As Blogger has started to accept graphics again, I have also taken the opportunity to include some other arrangements that I captured when they were at their best

Rowyn, great minds think alike, my friend - I saw your comment on my blog and smiled, because I had spent about 3 hours the previous day carefully dismantling the tributes to ensure that I kept the best flowers intact for drying. It shows .... once a crafter always a crafter, we have to think of ways of making beauty where-ever we can :-)

I think this will be a project for me to devote myself to this summer ... making a framed picture with some of the many beautiful flowers that I dried. There are 4 different kinds of roses (the cream ones dried better than I thought as they have turned an "antique" sort of beige-brown), statis (purple, lovely for drying), baby's breath, sea holly and some loose rose petals which I may make into pot-pourri.

Roses and Sweet William (from Mike's Aunt and Uncle)

Lilies, Delphinium, Pink Roses and Statis (from some of my work colleagues)


Lili said...

A crafter will definitely always be a crafter! This is a great idea!
Take care!

laura said...

I'm still with you in this horrible moment. But now I'm happy because you're posting again.

Nela said...

Una chica buena es una chica buena,
vamos a ver que mas estas haciendo.... he pensado enviarte varias cositas para que las disfrutes, claro en español.... besos

Von said...

Ali, you received so many beautiful floral tributes. It's lovely that you can dry some of the blooms to fashion into a keepsake for yourself.

Kim said...

Beautiful flowers! Great idea to dry some and save them. :D

Your welsh sampler turned out fantastic! It's so lovely,definately an heirloom piece. :D

Mayté said...

You are right Ali. Saving those beautiful flowers and doing something special from them is a great tribute for Mike.

God bless you sweety

vane said...

ALI: recien te escribo ahora porque nela me conto que hablabas español, la verdad es que no sabia expresarme en ingles, solo queria mandarte un millon de besos y abrazos y toda la fuerza del mundo para salir adelante, me alegra mucho oir que estas retomando tu rutina, que te puedo decir?? que realmente eressss admirable!!! ojala muchas personas tuvieran la energia y la fuerza que tienes para salir adelante, estoy realmente orgullosa de ti
saludos desde uruguay!!!!