June 22, 2006

With Thanks

I would like to say how much I appreciate all the wonderful postings you have left me on my blog. I cannot describe the emotions I have experienced in the 3 weeks since Mike's death on 31st May ranging from desolation and loneliness at his loss, mixed with wistful to the wonderment at the incredible support I am receiving from so many people far away around the world and near to me in England.

There were about 100 people at his funeral on 9th June, with people flying in from New Zealand, United States and Spain. Many floral tributes were sent to the family, some of which I took photos and have posted in this entry.

Pink and purple arrangement: My tribute (these were our wedding colours)
Pink roses and carnations: Mike's parents' tribute
(I will also post some more photos in a separate blog entry as Blogger seems to be acting a bit strange today and will not let me add more photos at the moment)

There have also been incredible amounts of money raised for charity in Mike's memory, being donated to The British Heart Foundation, Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital and Cancer Research. The squash club where he played for many years have set up a Trophy Competition in his name which will be played every year.

The days leading up to the funeral were the hardest for me, having to finally accept that my darling husband has left this world and is no longer with my physically, although I feel such an immense surge of powerful love from him constantly, when I am in our home and following me where-ever I go.

I visited him for the last time in the Chapel of Remembrance the day before the funeral and he looked exactly as if he were asleep and as if, at any moment, he would break out into one of the many smiles he gave which lit up my world and all those around him.

Now comes the time to start to move into a new phase, forever with Mike by my side ......


Heather said...

What beautiful flowers Ali. I'm so sorry for your loss. I have been thinking about you and your family since I read your post.

We are all here for you, if you need us.


Isabelle said...

Dearest Ali, you are in my daily thoughts and prayers... Heather is right, we are here for you - consider yourself loved, and hugged a hundred times a day... Sending you ((((hugs)))) and love!

Kim said...

It's so good to hear from you again! Those flowers are so beautiful. :D It's so wonderful to hear of the outpouring of kindness from all corners that has been bestowed on you. It truly shows what a wonderful and loving man your husband was. You are a lucky woman, not everyone gets to know what it's like to feel truly and deeply loved. As always I am thinking of you and wishing you a happy life! (((hugs)))

June said...

So glad that you managed to show us those lovely flowers. I am so very sorry that you have had to go through this, I have been thinking about you a lot and am sending you my best thoughts. (((hugs)))

Deb L said...

The flowers are lovely- putting in your wedding colors was the perfect touch. {{hugs}} will be thinking of you and sending a bit of Montana sunshine happy thoughts your way.

Carto said...


What beautiful flower arrangements. You have been so courageous to post about it so soon - it really is good to hear from you. I can relate to your experience when my Father died (it will be 10 years in October). The days leading up to his funeral were the hardest and longest days of my life. I'm sure the experience is different with regard to losing your wonderful husband, but I felt as though I was walking around with a huge hole of nothingness in my body. You have such strength, dear Ali, for I never had the courage to visit my Father at the chapel of rest and it is something I've regretted over the years, but we can only do what we feel is best at the time and I know that my Father would have understood that. I've been doing lots of praying for you and will continue to do so - we're all here for you, whenever you need us, me included. Love and (((((Hugs)))) to you x x

Mayté said...

Dear Ali, What a surprise to see a new post in your blog. The beautiful flowers arrangements and all the donations are the demostrations of the great man that your husband was and how deeply he was appreciated. I feel your sorrow here at the distance. I think on you and pray for Mike and you everyday. My heart is with you sweety.

We love you Ali, you are not alone, Mike is with you forever.


Juul :o) said...

(((BIG HUG)))

Nela said...

Querida amiga , ya sabes solo a un mail estoy de ti, cuando quieras a la hora que desees, no te he llamado, para darte un poquito de tiiempo y espacio pero si deseas con gusto te llamo para brindarte mi hombro para llorar juntas o para contarte un chiste y hacerte de payaso, besos,,,, Mike siempre estara a tu lado...

Stitch said...

Ali, first off *hugs* to you. I am proud to be your "friend" even if it's only through the internet and to know that you are surviving this tragedy. I applaude your willingness to share your experience and Mike with us all. It takes a lot of guts to do that. The flowers are not only beautiful in their colors but their symbolism as well. What a wonderful tribute. :) Please let me know if there is anything I can do for you. Always know you are in my heart and prayers Ali. Together, through friendship, love and a bit of God's help, we all will help you smile again. Maybe not right away as it will take some time, but soon.

X Stitch X

Lili said...

Ali! I'm so happy and admirative that you finally made this loving post. All the tributes given to him -and you- show how special Mike was, and YOU are!
I am happy, moved and reassured to read that you feel Mike's presence in every aspect of your life. I'm not a believer, but I keep telling my kids that if there is one way to come back after death and take care of them, I will find it. Seems Michael has found it.
Lots of hugs, Ali! My thoughts are always with you.

Rowyn said...

What beautiful flower arrangements, Ali. (Have you thought of drying some of them as a keepsake?) It is wonderful to hear that donations are being made in his memory, and that there is an annual squash competition in his name.

I have thought of you often lately, and am sending you lots of best wishes and hugs.

Von said...

Dear Ali,
You've been on my mind so much lately, and in my prayers. Know that you will continue to be so as you continue to grieve and move into a new life, one that you did not plan or choose. You are still very much loved.

Lana said...

I prayers and thoughts are with you!

~Harsha~ said...

Ali dear,
I'm always thinking of you *hugs* I know you're a strong lady, but pls remember that we're all here, behind you, Whenever you need us *hugs* and more *hugs*