June 27, 2006

The Start of the Rest of My Life

I just could not get over all those loving, warm-hearted comments you have left me - it goes without saying that I am very touched by your concern about me and feel as if I have the whole world giving me a big {{{HUG}}}. Its strange how, despite being surrounded by people, I am so lonely, but its only a symptom of the loss I feel, not a reflection of the wonderful support I constantly have nowadays. San and I had a long chat today over the telephone and we have planned to go to Alexander Palace in October so that will be something nice to look forward to. I was not very keen on going after the terrible journey we experienced last year, but we have decided to go there by public transport which will make life much easier.

Today I decided to try to be a little bit "normal" if that is possible after the past few weeks. So I have been working all day on my Welsh Sampler. Suddenly it appears to be nearing completion and I calculate that I will only have about 3.5 hours of stitching to finish it. Then I will be able to frame it and hang it in the living room where Mike and I decided it would go. I am so pleased that he saw it almost at its completed stage so he will now know that it looks beautiful and that it will hang in our home.

I will finish it tomorrow and can hopefully post a photo of it as well. It will be the first time for the past 4 weeks that I have been able to do anything vaguely happy, but it will be the first Happy Dance of many more, I hope.

Tomorrow I have to go to University to see my Tutor about my Dissertation which I have decided to start researching - to keep me busy over the summer months. Everyone at work and University have been just marvellous, I could not wish for a more wonderful group of people.

Keep posting,
Love you,
Ali xxxx

PS Is anyone else having problems uploading images to Blogger ... I have not been able to add any photos to my Blog for days!


Von said...

Hello, Ali!
It sounds like you are venturing back into the world a bit and finding new bearings for your life. Can't wait to see your WS that Mike liked so much and that it will have a place of honor in your home and heart. :D

Rowyn said...

I look forward to seeing your stitching. It's nice that once it is done it will always serve as a special reminder of your much loved DH. (((hugs)))

June said...

So glad to see you posting again and I am looking forward to seeing your WS pictures. Sending you my very best thoughts and wishing you lots of happiness in the future.

Isabelle said...

Dear Ali, it's wonderful to see you posting again and stitching, and willing to go on with your research. ((((hugs)))) and lots of love.

Nela said...

Que bien eso es, poco a poco, siii solo un dia a la vez sin mirara mucho los recuerdos ya podras mas adelante mirarlos, esa es mi ALIIIII arriba,,, si un viaje es bueno, experimentar cosas nuevas, disfruta la vida, a veces no es nada facil entender los designios de Dios,

Carto said...

Welcome back Ali - it's lovely to see you posting again after such a traumatic time. I've been praying like mad for you. We're all here for you as always :) xx

Anonymous said...

Ali, i read your blog regularly and just wanted to say that it is nice to see you blogging again.Take care of yourself...you obviously have many people who care for you.All the best!

Lana said...

I'm glad to hear you are trying to get up dust yourself off and keep on living, I believe it is what Mike would want you to do. the healing process will be long, but moving ahead, the way you are so couragously doing right now, will help you alot.
Happy stitching