August 20, 2006

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I have been meaning to write a blog entry for about a week and somehow have not managed to do so - I hope you have missed me as much as I have missed you :-)

The month of August seems to be slipping away so fast, I don't know where the time has gone.

I received this month's Cross Stitch Gold, and there are some really great charts in there so I will do a review tomorrow and take a few photos of the best features.

As far as my crafting activities are going, I have been working on my Seed Sampler and will take a WIP photo tomorrow as well. It is probably quite near to completion except that there are some rather large 'blocks' of colour to stitch which take up a lot of time. Only 2 more sections to do and I will be able to frame it!

I have a couple of options for my next project, either:

1. The companion sampler to the Seed Sampler, called Garden Sampler, which is similar in style but quite different in content - it has a lot of greens as its theme shows an allotment with fruit and vegetables.

2. The sampler I showed you a few blog entries back, with the additional embellishments

3. A Traditional Sampler which I have modified to include some words of one of my favourite poems by Christopher Marlowe (its rather romantic!).

I enjoyed a nice evening at San's house with her and her DBF. We had very little time for stitching (as normal!) as we were talking and eating a lot of the time. It will be our last meeting for a while because she is away on holidays in France now, but we will get together when she returns to England in a few weeks' time.

I have found the energy and 'inspiration' to do some research work for my dissertation. This involves going to the University Library on a Friday and sitting there surrounded by books and academic papers on Knowledge Management. Yes, yes .... I would rather be stitching, say no more :-) !!!!

Hope you are all well, and enjoying the summer ... in England, we have gone from beautiful heat and long summer days, to an almost autumnal feel. The evenings are noticably shorter as it now gets dark by 9pm. I have felt saddened by the fact that I have not enjoyed this long, hot summer because I have not had my DH to share such happy times. He would have enjoyed all the warmth and sunshine ..... and now it is giving way to autumn already. Such is life, I suppose .....


Mayté said...

Decision, decisions!! Hope you chose the right next project to start. Are you ready to take your decision??.

~Harsha~ said...

I vote for the Traditional Sampler :) *hugs* Ali...

Lili said...

My choice would be DMC's garden sampler... It has some sense of life and freshness, and would fit an autumn approaching, but yet reminding that life is still there with the birds and all...
Sharing good moments with the loved one is probably the one thing that you will miss most.
Great that you spent a nice time with San and DBF. I hope to do so as well soon...
Hugs, Ali!

Carto said...

Hey there Sweetie

I agree with Lili - definitely Garden Sampler and for the same reasons - great minds think alike lol :0)

Thank you so much for dropping by. It was lovely to see your post. I'm so lucky to have such wonderful friends. At the moment, I'm trying to focus on the positive things, like if I hadn't decided to start doing a blog, I wouldn't have met you or any other of the wonderful gals out there who keep me strong and sane. I've also found it difficult to enjoy the summer and much like you, it's been hard not doing the things I would have done with my DH, but there will come a time when things will be better - we're both on that path right now, so you're not alone sweetie - I'm there walking right beside you, supporting you and helping you get through this as you are supporting and helping me. Loads of ((((((hugs)))))) and happy thoughts to you Ali, and lots of love xxxx