August 21, 2006

In Search of Margaret!

Well the vote is out for my next Project and it looks as if Gail Bussi's beautiful Quaker design is a clear favourite.

In case you could not see it in the photo, the words in full are:

The Road to a Friend's House ... is paved with happy thoughts!

I have had quite a few votes by e-mail and blog to stitch this one next, so I think it is a clear winner, with the Traditional Sampler coming in a close second. I know I will get round to stitching all the different ones I mentioned, its just in which order to do them, Decisions Decisions, as Mayte said :-)

Margaret, there are quite a few of your blogging friends who would love to visit your blog and say hi, however your profile does not show your Blog link. Could you post the URL for your blog as a comment here and I will ensure other people get to know about it. We will also be able to update our links on our Blog to show you there. If anyone else has found out Margaret's blog/website URL (Stitch or No Stitch), feel free to share it with all of us as Margaret often visits everyone's blogs and it would be good to return the compliment! I have ordered the threads for Gail Bussi's design already!

I only have around 3-4 hours worth of stitching to complete the Seed Sampler so I don't feel toooo bad ordering yet more stash.... hey life is too short to worry about things, huh?

Stay happy, stay stitching.
Ali xx


AngelSan said...

is it this one you want?

I'm one of her reader, and my blog isn't even in her links :(

I'm late, I know, but I loooove the pattern you chose. What happened to the DMC sampler?

Lili said...

I confirm the address. She's such a nice lady! I am ALSO one of her readers... Gail's Bussi's Quaker is very beautiful! I would have voted for this one if I had had it in mind...
Take care!

Stitch or no stitch said...

Thanks so much for taking the time to find me & visiting Ali and also for letting me know my URL was not listed in my profile. What a dummy I am!!! My template was changed this morning to include it. Thanks San & Lili for helping out.

Looking forward to your new projects and future visits.

Thanks again for finding me.

Hugs, Margaret

Von said...

Hi Ali,
I enjoyed catching up with you again this morning! Can't wait to see you begin the GB Quaker project, but was so torn - the Traditional is nice too. :D

Mayté said...

Hi Ali!!

The sampler you have chosen is perfect :)