August 05, 2006

The Happy Dance - Welsh Sampler (Framed)

Here, as promised, is a photo of my Welsh Sampler, from the design in Brenda Keyes' Traditional Samplers book. I am really pleased how it has been framed - as you can see it has a double mount in terracotta and teal green to pick up the two prominent colours in the border of the sampler.

The framing was carried out by The Framing Gallery in High Wycombe and the person who did the work, made a first class job of it, in my opinion!

This weekend has been very busy! I have decided to "declutter" my life, so to speak. In the week I ordered a skip to be delivered on Thursday (it is now on my driveway). So far, I have been sorting out the garage, removing a lot of junk that had accumulated since we were doing DIY etc. Also the front room had become a dumping ground for all our DIY materials (tools, paint pots and other assorted materials). Well, a lot of it has ended up on the skip if it is of no use and now it all looks very tidy in the garage (I think I will actually be able to get my car in it, finally :-) and the front room is very empty which is good, as I am getting someone to re-do the fireplace and then I am going to decorate. I think the colour scheme will be brown and turquoise which is a very popular combination at the moment and one I really think works well together. I will take before and after photos to post here in case anyone is interested!

Tomorrow I have a couple of friends coming round and we are going to take up the carpet in the hall, stairs and landing, and the living room. This will go onto the skip and then I am getting some new carpets fitted in the last week of August - I was getting fed up of paint-splodges and frayed edges :-) Thats all for now - with all this activity I think its time for bed!!


Mel in Dubai said...

You've been busy, Ali :) I think the colour scheme for your front room will be stunning. I love turquoise!

Mayté said...

Ali, Thanks for stoping by my blog, your comments always bright my day. Looks like you had a busy weekend, remodeling a house is exciting but you end up very tired too. The Welsh sampler framing is perfect, looks fantastic. Copngratulations :)

Kim said...

Congrats on the framing it turned out wonderful, really goes with the stitching. :D

Sounds like you are really getting your house in order! Can't wait to see pictures. :D

~Harsha~ said...

can't wait to see your photos Ali :)

Africa said...

It's looks beautiful Ali.Congratulations for your works.

Isabelle said...

Dear Ali, your sampler is so beautifully framed! And I'm impressed at all you've been achieving. Brown and turquoise sound lovely! :) Getting rid of the clutter must feel so good :) :)