August 20, 2006

Review of Cross Stitch Gold Issue 42

This is one of the best issues of Cross Stitch Gold in recent months - I would probably put most of the designs onto my Wish List of future To-Do's but realise I may be a bit unrealistic in being able to do all of them ... but that's cross stitching addiction for you, I guess ;o)

As you can see from the cover, there are some lovely charts to stitch. I have taken photos of the best designs so you can see for yourself!

My favourite, which will definitely go on my To-Do List is the Quaker-style design by Gail Bussi, called The Road to a Friend's House. As you can see from the photo, the dimensions are unusual, being a long narrow shape (may be a bit more tricky finding a frame for it, so it may need to have a frame made to measure). The design is gorgeous, with soft colours and wonderful detail (including the charms) and I can already picture it hanging up in the hall! Continuing with the embellishments theme, there is a page of charming Garden Greetings Cards designed by Debra Page. She has used Injabulo buttons which are Fair Trade merchandise. You can be sure of getting lovely original items to decorate your cards, and you are also contributing to a worth cause by giving people in in South Africa dignity and help to support themselves and their families. The designs are all of a Garden theme, with cute bird houses and flowers such as sunflowers, delphiniums and poppies.

Maria Diaz has designed a Woodland Fairy as part of a series. It is has a wonderful autumnal feel to it with rich late-summer cerise and purple flowers and fruits with beige brown foliage in the background. You will see a photo on the cover of the magazine (pictured above).

Finally, the 'cute' submission for this copy of Gold is The Pirates by Jenny Barton. Unfortunately, Blogger is playing up (AGAIN!) and I cannot upload the photo of it, but you can see a tiny one on the cover of the magazine above. Its such a humorous piece, I cannot resist it - and have it on my To-Do List. Probably not top ... as I have a lot of other ones, but I would like to do it for the bathroom :-) I think I would adapt the colours a little, by adding some turquoise colours to the sea, so that it coordinated with my bathroom which I recently decorated with "Cool Aqua" paint.

I hope you enjoyed this review!


Stitch or no stitch said...

After 'gardening' on your last piece I would probably choose the traditional sampler. However, when I saw your magazine review this morning I might even change the choice to the lovely Quaker piece. Looking forward to seeing what you choose.

Hope you'll drop by my blog sometime.


Mistress Batty said...

I can't wait until this issue is out in the USA. I picked up the last issue for the geisha design and was so excited to see that there was going to be an ancient Egypt design and the pirate ship. My boyfriend's nephew is 5 and loooooves everything pirates, so I'm really looking forward to getting the issue and stitching up the ship for him; I think I might put it on a blanket for him.

Anonymous said...

thank you for the review Ali! Ann

Anonymous said...

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