August 30, 2006

I Say ... and you think ...

I rather like "Word Association" games, and this one is a goodie! Picked it up from Stitch's Blog in case you wonder where I found it (thank you Stitch ;-)

... although I did not get tagged myself, I would now like to pass this on to San to let her know I am still thinking of her whilst she is away in France on holiday and also to Isabel because she is just soooo good with words!

The idea is to associate the word on the left with a word or two of your choice, which you think has a connection and captures that word's true meaning.

It is called "I Say ... and you think":

Visit :: Friendship
Cake :: Sweetness
Period :: Epoque
Triumphant :: Over adversity
Screen :: Protection
Neglect :: Disregard for
Guitar :: Sensual
Loathe :: Detest
Sugar :: Darling
Montage :: Collection


Isabelle said...

Hi dear Ali! I just answered on my blog :) Thank you for tagging me :) That was fun!

(((hugs))) and love to you!

Nela said...

ali estas bien?

Lili said...

Hi Ali!
Reading your comment on my blog made my day! I had to see what you'd answered as well...
Thanks for the mag review, it's always great to see different things...
Lots of hugs to you, Ali!

Stitch said...

Hi Ali! Whoo hoo! Thanks for linking to my blog! LOL Seems I have a lot of readers but not worries. :) Good answers on yours as well! I love little memes like that, that make you think..haha. Hope you are doing well!


X Stitch X