October 02, 2006

Guest Stitcher Giftie

I recently took part as a Guest Stitcher, reviewing some charts in Cross Stitcher (I just hope no-one saw my photo in the mag, as its the most awful picture of me I have EVER seen - even though I sent through an "acceptable" photo to them to use!) - it was taken when San and I were at Stitch '06 and if I remember it had been raining, so I looked completely bedraggled AND no makeup - OMG a girlie's worst nightmare.

Anyway, enough of my vanity, beauty is but skin-deep :-) So, as a thank you, they send a £15 voucher to spend on the Superstitcher website. I have been completely undecided what to buy ... should I get some DMC threads (no, I have lots of them) or should I choose a kit (well, I have lots of them, but hey since when has that stopped us Stitchers? Big decisions, huh?

In the end, I have decided to go for a really cute Margaret Sherry design - its called The Hen Night and it does make me chuckle when I see it - aren't her characters just gorgeous? Not too sure when I will be able to stitch it, but its going in my Stash Collection as a future make! In fact, I have the chart for the Hens doing their knitting from a previous XS magazine, so it could make up the set :-)

Bye for now, Stitchy-Girls!

Ali xx


Stitch or no stitch said...

Congratulations!!! I love it. Which hen are you? Which one may I be?

Stitch or no stitch said...

Thanks for the title. I'm going to see if I can order it at the library today.
As for the hens - I hoped we might be the two on the left - they look so comfortable on the bar stools!! Did have us pegged the other way around though as you're the one with the green fingers and deserve the lovely flower. Also that means that you are being kind enough to carry a big bag that also contains my wallet & glasses. That way I can be purse free which is great. Do you mind?

Stitch said...

Hi Ali! I hope you got my email...:) LOL I love the pattern! May I be the blue one??? Blue is my favorite color...;) Hehehe....

Have a good one! *BIG HUGS*

X Stitch X

Rowyn said...

Hi Ali
That's a really cute kit you chose! I agree that Margaret Sherry does some gorgeous characters. What issue of Cross Stitcher are you in, so I can look out for it? I will do my best to locate you a copy of the JCS Xmas Ornament magazine. Will keep you updated!

Anonymous said...


I found your blogs via google when I was searching for Moira Blackburn's website. I read you had posted the address but I can't seem to find it. I'm over here in the U.S. and am having a hard time finding her kit for The Prayer. The suppliers over here say she is going to be selling them from her own site soon but no one will tell me how to contact the company.. can you help me? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated! Great site by the way!

Kind regards,

Janice at jetbagger@aol.com

Carto said...

Hi Ali me love!

Aww I love Margaret Sherry stuff and this piece is no exception. They never fail to make me smile - and they're so easy and enjoyable to stitch. I hope you're keeping well - thanks for dropping by the other day and leaving such lovely words. Big Hugs to you xxxx

Mayté said...

Ohhh This chart is fabulous!! Good choice :)

Crazy X-Stitcher Etc said...

I saw your pic in the mag...you look all right to me...natural beauty. :)

Nice purchase on the Hen Night. They are such a cutey!!

And love the 4 Fairies...If I could, I would have bought them for myself.

Anonymous said...

They look great! Ann

Heather said...

Ali, I saw your picture {evil laugh} Only teasing.