October 29, 2006

Update for the Weekend! Very Busy :-)

Hi Everyone - I hope you have been enjoying your weekend.

In UK, the clocks moved back 1 hour so that it is now dark by around 5.30 pm :-( Thankfully, it was clear and sunny today, so it did not seem as if Autumn had yet taken hold. I spent 2 hours in the garden trying out my new lawnmower for the first time (it has rained almost every day since I bought it and this weekend has been the first spell of dry weather for a while! The grass looks really green and even now!

I have also been decorating the front room this weekend, now that the fireplace is in place.

Here is a "before" photo showing the rather dated wallpaper complete with border at the top - very 1980's!

And below is what it now looks like with the door and rails painted (the paint is a cream called "Snowdrop") and the walls clear of paper.

My plan is to paper the walls in a plain textured finish that has the same effect as "raw" silk with the slubs on and then paint with emulsion. Above the rail will be a colour called Pure Water, which is a very subtle blue/green and below will be Burnt Almond which is a medium coloured mushroom brown.

Last weekend I received a lovely parcel of Gifties from Nela! As you can see, there are some beautiful objects, some that Nela made and other little extras like the sweetie bar. Thank you so much Nela for your generosity to have sent the parcel all the way from your beloved Zulia.

Unfortunately, Blogger has now done its normal "go-slow" and won't let me upload the photos of my seed sampler, so I will try again tomorrow!

Hope you have a good week coming up. Enjoy!


Heather said...

I'm doing my living room too Ali, but it's come to a complete standstill with the holidays. I've been in no mood to do painting, so I have to get a move on and finish it before my furniture arrives.

Are you doing yours, or have you got someone decorating for you?

Isabelle said...

Congrats on getting that front room done! It's going to be lovely :) :)

Nela said...

me encanta el cambio que esta teniendo tu cuarto, ahora pregunto como sera la cortina de la ventana, en crema?

Stitch or no stitch said...

Your weekend has certainly been busy, busy. Glad is was finally dry enough to try out your new lawnmower.
Your front room is going to be lovely. Your color choice sounds gorgeous.

~Harsha~ said...

I envy you... i don't have time for redecoration.. LOL

Carto said...

Hey there Girlie!! I'm absolutely loving what you've done to your front room. I'm doing exactly the same thing at the moment. I've decorated my bedroom and the front room is going to be next. Doing this sort of thing signifies a new chapter, a new beginning, so good for you for taking the first step. Lots of love to you :) xx

Von said...

Plans for your living room sound divine, Ali! Can't wait to see the new wall treatments and paint. :D

Heather said...

How's the decorating going Ali?