October 16, 2006

Memories of a Beautiful Wedding

Centre Arrangement on each table

Wedding Cake Decorations

My friends' wedding was amazing - everything went like a dream .... people commented on the favours and as you can see from the photos, the table arrangements and cake turned out really well! I was really worried leading up to the day, as its such a responsibility doing crafts for someone's wedding - you just hope everything is what they want - in my experience, it always turns out fine, but its those little tiny doubts in the back of your mind "can I really pull this one off and make it all just as I see it in my mind's eye?".
Nothing much to report on the progress of Seed Sampler ... do I have an excuse for a couple of days, to catch my breathe?! I have 3 days off work to do some jobs round the house and get myself back into the real world again so will fit in some stitching during that "me-time" :-)
Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend!
Hugs xx


Nela said...

Feliciades Ali, me alegro que todo resultara bien.... feliz semana, un beso

laura said...

Ali los adornos florales de la mesa son muy bonitos. Uno siempre piensa que lo que tiene en mente no se plasmar√° bien, pero al final si hay amor las cosas salen bien.

Stitch or no stitch said...

The table decorations are lovely Ali and the cake looks GREAT!! The guests must have loved their favors. What a wonderful contribution you made to such a special day.

Von said...

Congratulations on your beautiful decorations! I know the bride and groom will always remember you and be grateful for your part in their special day! :D