May 02, 2006

Ali B Returns!

Hi there Friends!

It has been too long, I know, so I thought I would break away from my studies to post a blog entry.

Since my last blog entry on 8th April I have been "flat-out" studying, especially over the Easter holidays. My time was spent finishing off my research for the final 2 assignments of my MSc - a Report on Knowledge Management and another on Human Issues in IT Project Management. Finished both within about 4 hours of the deadline ( phew!!)- these days, we submit our work to the University secure area. It felt such a relief to hand-in, I cannot tell you :-) I danced around the room and went mental - just to let off steam I think. Only a further week of exams to survive and that will be everything completed for my 2nd Year. My 3rd Year will be dedicated to my dissertation (20,000 words on a topic within the theme of Information Management).

As regards cross-stitching, I cannot tell you how much I have missed being able to pick up some stitching whenever I want to (without feeling guilty of course!!) - I have managed to fit in about 2 hours this weekend as we had an extra day to play with yesterday - May Day public holiday. I must say that having a limited time in which to stitch really makes it all the more enjoyable!

In the absence of a progress photo for my seed sampler (unfortunately I left my camera and USB connector at home so will not be able to upload it until later in the week), so on the left is a photo of the specific section I am working on taken from the chart, so that it is easier for me to describe. I have completed the Columbine section (above) and am now working on Bleeding Hearts (below). It is an interesting part because although there is not a lot of backstitching, there are lots of colour changes, so I am using the "parking" technique they always mention in our XS magazines. The flowers consist of several different shades of pinks and cerise at the top of each "heart" and the stem and leaves are 4 shades of green. It is very lifelike as we have some of these pretty flowers in our garden, and they really do grow in a line along the stem, just like on this chart!

I am really looking forward to having a nice long sewing session this Saturday to celebrate the end of my exams, as I am going to be really mentally exhausted, and will feel in the mood for creating rather than thinking :-)

Next Sunday, we are going to a friend's wedding. She and her future husband are Seikhs, so it will be a traditional Indian ceremony and lunch, which I am really looking forward to attending. My friend went to India in February to collect her sari, which is rich red silk. She is now all ready for the 'Big Day'. She and her husband have requested that people don't buy presents as they have 300 family and friends attending and feel uncomfortable sending out a wedding list. I know exactly how they feel, as DH and I said to people that we would prefer not to receive gifts, we were just happy for people to come along on our wedding day and celebrate with us. We only had 50 people, so I can imagine that 300 people would be overwhelming!! However, I have bought my friend a personal gift of a book of Love Poems which I will give her when she returns from honeymoon - its almost like a "girlie" gift, not so much to do with the wedding but just one friend to another. We both share a great love of good books and are always swapping titles with each other, so I know it will hold special meaning for her.

Well, that is all for now, have a lovely day! Thanks for visiting me! I've missed you! My blog entries will start to reappear regularly after this week's exam are over, so I look forward to welcoming you and visiting your blogs again after my absence.

Love and Friendship,
Alison xx


Isabelle said...

Wishing you all the best of luck for the home stretch, Ali! Saturday will be there before you know it :)
Thank you so much for your sweet email - it made my day! :)

Hugs and love :)

Mayté said...

Ali, I really enjoyed reading your post. The wedding promise to be very insteresting, hope you get pics and share with us.

Congratulations for finishing your reports on time and good luck with the last test.


~Harsha~ said...

its coming along nicely Ali :)

Von said...

It's good to know all is well with you, Ali! Good luck as you finish this year. :D

Carto said...

Hi Ali!

Good to see you blogging again. Love the design! :)

Lili said...

Ali! It's so nice to have you back! I was wondering if there was anything wrong that prevented me from displaying updates on your blog or what!
I hope everything's OK with your exams, but I must say that I'm not too worried about that as I know that you have worked hard, and have no doubt on your capacities to succeed...
Your current project looks great! I also love the card you have stitched for your NZ friends! So springy!
Take care!