May 15, 2006

Weekend Fun leads to Monday Blues ....

Thank you for your comments! I really appreciate them and it was so nice to hear from you.

DH and I had a fab weekend in Brighton and it was really such a struggle to leave for work this morning :-((( On Friday evening we went to the Chinese State Circus which was in Preston Park. It was a totally amazing experience (thankfully no animals as I always get very upset with circus animals and want to set them all free!) - it was high-wire walking, shaolin warriers (marshall arts) and illusions - really very well worth a visit (they travel around the world). On Saturday we walked around the town, had lunch with friends and then in the evening we went to fireworks display which was also unbelieveable!

Before we left the house on Friday afternoon, the postman delivered my copy of Cross Stitch Collection - which I flicked through in the car on the way down to Brighton. Its a great issue so I will do a review on Wednesday. Sorry I just did not get the chance to review last month's issue and now we are already into July's edition. If people would still like me to review June's edition, please could you place a request as a comment, and if I get more than a couple of requests, it will give me the encouragement to do it!

I did not get to my stitching until we got home on Sunday afternoon - we sat down with a cuppa and the Sunday papers totally exhausted after the weekend! I managed to (nearly) complete the cream background on my sampler by tea-time - it was a bit boring but actually I did not feel like having to do loads of colour changes, so it was nice to do the "mindless" bit of sewing row after row of cream LOL! I thought I would leave the more challenging parts until I had more energy....

Tomorrow my work colleagues and I are going into the centre of London for the day. We are taking what we have called "A Research Journey" to The Science Museum, The Design Centre, The Apple Shop plus a spot of lunch at Wagamamas! The purpose of the day is to think innovatively, trying to think of things in a different way and coming back with some good ideas for ways we can delight our Customers!

Yes, I know you think its just a company 'jolly' .... well, you are probably right :-)
Have a lovely day and happy crafting.
Hugs Alison xx

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Lili said...

I also keep the mindless parts for when I' tired...
I must say that I missed the review of last month's mag, but reading the new one's will do!
Bonne soirée!