May 19, 2006

A Good Stitching Week!

Its my first chance to post a blog entry this week as I have been doing a lot of site visits as described on a previous blog entry. I hope you are all well and have had an enjoyable and productive week with your latest stitching and crafting projects.

Apart from being busy at work I have had a good stitching week - the Bleeding Hearts section is now complete (apart from the back-stitching) and I have moved on to the cherub. I will post a WIP photo tomorrow (Saturday) when I have more time to spare :-)

Thanks to Christine (again!) for links to the "What Kind of Coffee are You?" game and also the Question of the Week which is: Lately, it seems that many stitching bloggers have experienced a loss of their stitching mojo. Have you ever lost your stitching mojo? If so, how did you get it back and how long did it take?

Well, lately I must admit that I always seem to have the yearning to stitch and lack the time to sit down quietly for any extended period of time. So when I stitch, I really enjoy it. I know that during the summer when I have some more time, I do find that I lose the urge to stitch to the same degree - I guess its a bit of "absence makes the heart grow fonder" versus "familiarity breeds contempt" :-)

Overall, I enjoy my stitching until I get to a difficult part of a chart or else I do something wrong, put it away in my bag and then spend several days avoiding it, knowing that there is major frogging to be done (which is, of course, a very frustrating and often time-consuming task - unpicking work that I have spent time on is awful and feels like a tragedy!!). Then, once that painful process is finished, I can put it behind me and feel motivated again.

You Are a Soy Latte

At your best, you are: free spirited, down to earth, and relaxed

At your worst, you are: dogmatic and picky

You drink coffee when: you need a pick me up, and green tea isn't cutting it

Your caffeine addiction level: medium


Nela said...

Ali urgente nesecito ayuda mira mi blog que debo hacer?????

~Harsha~ said...

me saying HI Ali!! where are you!?