May 04, 2006

San's Cross Stitch crafts Forum

***Latest news!*** San has set up an online forum so that we can have a chat and exchange craft ideas. Rather than being a replacement to our individual blogs which will be our personal space to talk about our life and crafts, this is a location to get together and socialise with likeminded crafters. Quite a few people already know each other through visiting personal Blogs (or even as 'real-world' friends), but any new-comers are also welcome so come and join us! The more the merrier! Here is the address:
Finally found my USB connector for my camera so here is a photo of my very slow progress made on it. I will have a much better one to post by the end of the weekend as I am hoping to stitch tomorrow and Saturday. Probably no time on Sunday because we are off to my friend's wedding.
Enjoy your day, Ali xx


Stitch said...

Hi Ali! Haven't seen you on much...but I'm sure you are busy with things! :) Anyhoo, your project is coming along nicely!! I'm excited about San's forum too! I need to post more...I'll hit it up this weekend I'm sure. LOL

Hope you are doing well!

Have a great day!

June said...

Your project is lovely and it is good to see you blogging again. I agree that San's forum is a great way to chat with other stitchers.

Kim said...

Your seed packet looks great! Glad to hear your studying has gone well. :D