May 12, 2006

Happy Friday! Sampler+Stash to show

Hello! Happy, Sunny Friday

Today started bright and sunny in England so I went for a swim at the local pool as I tend to do on a Friday and I was surprised that it was really quiet, so I had a lane of my own (luxury! normally I am battling to keep up with some huge bloke making a tidal wave LOL!) - maybe people took the day off work and weren't as mad as me to get up at 6.30 am!

Here on the left (at last!) is the latest progress photo for my Lesley Grant Seed Sampler - it is really starting to build up now - as you can see, the flowers on the Bleeding Heart seed packet are finished and I only have the leaves and background to complete. Unfortunately it looks a bit 'distorted' which normally happens when you take a photo before it is complete - it looks really lop-sided. Never mind, it will give you a rough idea of the design. I am wondering which section to do after this one - there is a hanging basket which sits above the purple columbine which will complete the right side of the piece or else there is a cherub on the left next to the Bleeding Hearts plant. All decisions!!

Last Monday I went to Greenford for work, and this is always a good excuse to drop into Hobbycraft at lunchtime :-) I saw a wonderful display of beeds on special offer - there is a picture below to show you what I bought. I think the little brown and cream beads are made of wood and resin - I thought they looked rather African in style. The others are wonderful colours - all those olive greens and aubergine hints. I know I am going to have fun. There are several things I would like to make. Firstly, I picked up a good idea in a home-ware shop near me for a way of decorating curtain "tie-backs" - they are beaded tassles (using similar beads to mine) made into strands which dangle down from the curtain hook.

Very difficult to describe - but I will have a try at making them and will show a photo of my "effort". They were quite expensive in the shop, but I think I can make them a lot cheaper and maybe better. As you can see, I bought 2 packs of beads plus some nylon thread and stone coloured floss, which came to a total of £13. Well each of the tie-backs I described were priced at £5 each - so you can see that I would be able to make around 10 making each one £1.30. A bit of a difference in price! I do realise that they charge for the time to make them ... but even so, I will hopefully be able to make a few and still have some materials left over to make other things. We will see!

Enjoy your weekend, whatever you do and remember - if you drop by, please leave me a message - is anyone visiting me any more? :-((


Carto said...

I wished that I'd known you were going bead shopping! I stopped buying beads and the like from Hobbycraft ages ago, as the prices they charge for the littlest pack of beads is extortionate! It's so much cheaper online!

When I'm not cross stitching, I make and design jewellery. I get all my supplies from either 'Jillybeads' or 'Jules Gems'. Do a search on google and you'll be able to find their websites. They always have what you need in stock and they're such a friendly lot - there you go, my hot tip for the day!

Thanks for dropping by my blog - it was good to see you! xxx

Kim said...

The beads are a great idea, can't wait to see what you make with them. :D

Love the sampler, looking great.

Mel in Dubai said...

Hi Ali :) You are making great progress with your seed sampler!

Nice beads :) I like your idea for the curtain tie-backs. Look forward to seeing a pic. I have a bit of a bead collection stored upstairs in one of the cupboards. Haven't played with them in a while though. I go through a bead phase now and then and make up beaded scissor fobs :)

Mayté said...

Hi Ali!

I one of the ones that ussually stop by your blog but do not leave a message always , but everytime I enjoy reading your post. :)

Your samplers looks wanderful, love the color combination. And beads are very nice, I can not believe how expensive they are over there, the same are in Spain, but you can get cheapes prices online. I wanna see your beads ideas come true.

Happy weekend for you too :)

~Harsha~ said...

can't wait to see your curtain tieback :)

Von said...

Hi Ali! It's great to see your stitching progress and hear about your beading project. They sure make some gorgeous beads these days!
It does seem like blog traffic is down these days. I haven't had much time the last five days and am trying to catch up, but it's going to take awhile - think there's lots more like me!

Heather said...

Your bleeding hearts look great Alli.

Can't wait to see your tie backs, those beads look lovely.