May 04, 2006

A Happy Dance (at last!)

Here is my (mini) Happy Dance of the week (well, the month really, because I have been rather overtaken with studies to be able to focus on finishing very much, more is the pity!!).

DH asked if I could put my creative hat on and stitch a Springtime thank you card for our friends in New Zealand to show our appreciation for looking after him so well when he went across for the wedding - despite the fact they had to organise a lot for the big day, they took him out on lots of day-trips and had BBQ's and generally treated him like a VIP!

I found the design in a recent copy of Cross Stitch Card Shop and I modified it to include the words Thank You, adding the blue forget-me-nots at the top as they are all in bloom in our garden and make a lovely backdrop to the daffodils (we have about 4 different varieties - some are like the ones on the card, then there are cream and lemon ones, mini dwarf variety in bright yellow and some doubles)!

It has been a glorious day today, 25 degrees, so by far the hottest day of the year, so I am off outside now to water all the pots which are gasping for a drink ... then it will be time for dinner and a glass of wine to relax before the exams begin tomorrow. After that .... life will begin again for me after months of stress, worry and late nights! Enjoy your day!


Von said...

What a nice thank you card, Ali! Your friends are going to love it. Nice to take some time out of your study time to make something nice for them.
Enjoy your spring weather!

Isabelle said...

Very pretty, Ali!

Cindy said...

Its a pretty card, Ali. I like your have given me great ideas...