February 18, 2006

Adding Photo to my Profile

Help! I have been trying to add my photo to my Blog Profile but have been going round in circles!

I have downloaded the Hello/Picasa software but am now unsure of the next step. In my Blogger profile, it says to add the URL of the photo. As it is stored on my computer, it does not accept the path name.

Also, I tried to add my Blogger to Hello, but I added the wrong name :-( and now it does not seem to let me remove it, to correct the name - only other option in the drop-down box is "Create a New Blog". Its not the easiest piece of software to use and the Help is really basic.

Any help would be appreciated!


Rowyn said...

Hi Ali. Thanks for your comments on my blog. Do you have a free account at photobucket.com? That's what I use for adding pics to my blog and profile. Once you've uploaded photos to your account it gives you the different codes (URL etc) to add to pics to your blog. Unfortunately NZ doesn't have a cross stitch magazine anymore, so you might want to tell DH he needn't look any further. We only get UK, US and Australian ones to my knowledge (the only Australian one I know of is Jill Oxton's Cross Stitch & Beading, which should be out in March). Hope DH enjoyed the parachute jump, yikes he must be brave! :-)

Rowyn said...

Hi Ali

Here are some step-by-step instructions which I hope will work for you -

upload a pic to photobucket

once uploaded 3 codes will appear underneath the photo (a URL, a tag and an IMG)

copy the URL code (just highlight and CTRL + C)

go back to blogger and go to 'edit user profile'

under the section photograph, simply paste the URL into the 'photo URL' field

then save your changes and republish your blog

if your ISP is anything like mine then you might need to refresh once or twice (or even disconnect and log back on) before your photo shows up

once the photo is in your profile it will also appear on all the comments you leave

Hope this works for you. Good luck! Let me know how you get on.

Bastet said...

I too tried the hello and picasa and couldn't figure it out. Use photobucket. best bet all round.

Nela said...

ahora quer ya lo hiciste me puedes explicar a mi? pues yo he intentado y naaa...