February 24, 2006

Busy Day at University!

As it has been soooo cold in UK, I decided to "warm up" this blog entry with some Victoriana floral images. I don't know about you, but I feel as if it has been ages since I saw some colour and growth - there are a few tell-tale signs in our back garden that the crocuses are waking up but apart from that nothing else is growing yet.

It was so cold that I had to wear a thick woollen jumper, PLUS 2 T-Shirt! Maybe it was because I felt tired today, but I could not warm up all day! Yesterday it had snowed from morning until night, but thankfully nothing settled as the snowflakes were those big ones that melt as soon as they touch the ground. I am lucky in my job that I have a laptop so I can work from home if I want to - yesterday was an ideal day to stay indoors rather than driving in the bad weather!

This morning I left home early and went to the swimming pool for an Early-Bird swim before getting to University by 9.30. I received my marks for 2 exams I took before Christmas (for my Masters Degree) - I passed both (BIIIIG cause for a celebration!). I got A in Analysing Systems in Organisations and B in Enterprise Architecture. I only have 2 more modules to complete (Strategic Information Systems and Issues in Project Management), then from September onwards, I have to write a 15,000 word Dissertation (which is an analytical research report). I feel relief that the main hard work is done after 2 years. In a way I will be sad when I do not have to go to University each week as I have really enjoyed the lectures. There are 6 people in our group, so its a relaxed team and the lecturers make it a lot of fun.

Hoooorahhhhh - DH leaves New Zealand for London in only 12 hours' time (NZ local time) so I am feeling so excited that he will soon be back home with me again. When I spoke to him on Thursday morning (UK local time) he said that although he was enjoying himself, he was feeling ready to come back home again. I received his postcard today - typical of DH, he listed out all the food and different NZ wines he had sampled that week :-) He is incredibly easy to please .... "the way to his heart is via his tummy" !!!! Typical Taurus, of course, we are so alike - his birthday is 5 days before mine!

There are two things that I think you might look forward to ..... Firstly, from Tuesday, this blog will brighten up again as DH will bring back our digital camera and I can do some WIP photos of my Samplers (Adam and Eve - and also the Welsh Sampler that is FINALLY nearly finished yippeeeee!!!). I am very excited to show you what I have worked on in the past 2 weeks. Secondly .... I bought Cross Stitch Collection and Cross Stitch Crazy magazine today, so I will take some photos and do a review - Collection is another great issue. So stand by for some good reading :-) I think San will do a review of 'Crazy' - but I might add my own supplementary comments after she does the main review on her blog.


Mayté said...

Hi Ali, this is Mayté :9

I love reading your blog and will at it to my list.

Your grades in last 2 test that you got are fantastic, keep the great work... you have just few thing to acomplish to graduate... keep going, go for the gold!!.

karensff said...

It is freexing in Scotland too. We even had snow a few days ago. I am looking forward to some colour too. I got my mum some tulips back from Amsterdam so we are all looking forward to seeing how they turned out.

Congrats on your grades. You obviously worked hard to achieve them. Look forward to seeing your WIP


Nela said...

ali a ver que te digo, quieres calor a ver esta imagen?
y que emocion tu amado ya vuelve, debes estar con el corazon en la boca, que felicidad,
estare pendiente de tu comentario de las revistas, ya que las mias no llegan ni por que yo me queje a diario a la suscriptora,
y esperare por ver tus trabajos,
besos y saludos