February 01, 2006

View my Crafts Online!

I am going to the crafts shop after work so I will let you know if I get some interesting stash!! I still have not received the threads from Sewdiscounted to finish off the wedding sampler, so I am starting to panic a bit. As its such a small amount of money to buy the missing DMC thread I think I will buy them and then I can keep the others in my thread box as spares - they are popular colours for my samplers so will have no problem using them.

In case you are wondering .... my friend Sue sent me a lovely e-mail with Tatty Ted's everywhere, so I will probably be completely over-kill with them everywhere up until Valentine's Day as there are some cute 'romantic' ones that are appropriate for this time of year!

My On-Line Gallery

http://alisonbulbeck.myphotoalbum.com/ If the link is 'dodgy', then simply copy and paste into your browser, you know the routine ;-)

Lack of time currently prevents me from setting up my own hosted website (this is an ambition, once I have finished my Masters next year!). However, as an interim solution I am using a free on-line gallery to store and display a few things I have made in the past couple of years. Ssome of the things were gifts and others were for craft fairs that I have done in the past. I need to update it with more recent photos, but I thought I would include it in my Blog, and I will also update the link list on my Blog sidebar.

Then I can let you know via a blog entry each time I update it with any new photos.


Lili said...

I had a look at your album (link works!)! You've done great things!
Take care!

Kim said...

Love the album! Lots of great things you've made. :) The teddy at the computer is adorable. :D

~Harsha~ said...

love the album!! thanks for sharing!