February 21, 2006

Snow, Hail, Wind, Cold, Sun (all in one day!)

I love the Dilbert strips - Alice is a top character, so I have put a funny on my blog today as it made me laugh and that's a good thing :-)

Today was the craziest day, weather-wise - probably like me at the moment, changing moods, can't stay still for a minute and can't settle.

I woke up quite early - it must have been around 6am because it was still dark outside. I got up and went downstairs to make a cup of coffee to start the day. I could see out of the side door in the kitchen that it must have rained in the night. By the time the kettle had boiled, there was a bit more daylight and I could see it was really snowing!! I scurried back to bed with my cuppa, brrrr it was too cold to stay up!!

When I got up at 7.30, it was quite light and the lawn looked as if it had icing sugar sprinkled on it. I did about an hour's stitching on my Adam and Eve sampler. Its looking really great, I only have about 4 more hours' work to do (that being the Alphabet at the top of the Sampler plus the single stitched border .... although I am rather tempted to add a bit of shape to it ... I will see how I feel).

Today was a good day's studying. I decided I would sit in the kitchen today so that I could not connect to the Internet which always diverts my attention, looking at everyone's blogs :-) I typed up an interview script which I will be using next week, to interview some managers at work for my Knowledge Management assignment.

Tonight, DH rang me! I was so happy to hear from him - he was sitting in his 'normal' place on the veranda with his morning coffee (it was 9pm in UK and 10 am in NZ). He was due to go off on a day trip with Matt and Trudy later in the day, which sounded fun and he was talking about all the things he wants to show me. I felt elated, knowing that he was thinking about me and planning our trip :-) I want him to have fun .... but not tooooo much fun LOL.

Hope you had a fun day too! I am now off to sleep as I am nearly falling asleep as I type this ... zzzzzzz


Von said...

Hi Ali,
Sounds like a pretty nice day to me!! Nice and quiet, spent the way you wanted, pretty much - regardless of the weather. :) Hope you're not getting too lonely with dh away.

Rowyn said...

Don't miss the South Island when you come to NZ. There is scenery down there which can't be described in words, it just has to be experienced.

Feel free to take a look at my Webshots. I have an album with a few NZ photos in it.


Sounds like your DH is having a great time down here, and it is nice that he's thinking of you while he is away. :-)

Lili said...

I'm sure your DH is not having such a great time because he simply can't share it with you, and that certainly spoils it all...
Hold on!

Kim said...

Seems like you had a productive day! Glad to hear DH is having a great time, but not *too* great. :D The Dilbert cartoon was a riot and so true. LOL

Nela said...

hola Ali, y graciasss por la ayuda no la he leido bien, por falta de tiempo, y no publique su mensaje pues aparece tu correo, gracias, la leere el fin de semana con calma, es que me he de mudar de nuevo a que mamá, pues no me guts estar sola, y mi esposo ya se fue, ahora a Bogota, de nuevo a dormir sola, sin tener unos pues calientitos cerca, buahhh¡¡¡¡ shiii
a mi me encanta dilbert, mi esposo posee varios de sus libros, como refenecia para su trabajo, tratare de escribirle una carta, no se asuste si es muy larga, puedo agregarte al msn?
besos nela