February 19, 2006

Sunday, Lovely Sunday!

I thought I was going to struggle again to get myself motivated to do studying for my assignment .... but after a bit of a slow start (well, its a Sunday!), I did manage to do a few hours's work. But before that .... I got hooked onto my Adam & Eve sampler for a couple of hours. I just could not put it down, its so addictive!

Made some breakfast at 9.30 am and thought "I'll just do another 30 minutes more stitching, then must get my books out" - that went on for another hour :-) then the phone rang. It was my friend in Spain who called to say she had lost 12 lbs in weight since I last saw her, so we sat and chatted for a while which was lovely. at 11.30 I thought that if I did not get on with some reading, the whole day would go by (yet again!) and I would feel worse.

So despite the wrench to put down my cross-stitch, I sat down at the kitchen table with my books, journals and papers and got started. The next thing I knew, it was 2.30pm!! So I felt very virtuous, not getting distracted like I normally do (i.e. doing a sneaky Sudoku puzzle from DH's book :-)

My research for the assignment is Knowledge Management in organisations - it deals with how companies use IT systems to capture and use knowledge to gain competitive advantage, so its a very interesting subject. I normally find that once I get started, I do enjoy the research, its just getting myself organised and not getting hooked on stitching for hours!

At 3pm I decided to go out for a run, just to clear the fuzz from my brain - got back soaking wet because it was windy, raining, freezing cold and really miserable - had a bath and then just as I was walking through the door, DH rang me from NZ to tell me he was sitting on the veranda in his shorts and T-Shirt. He had been out to a motorbike rally with our friends the previous day and was full of stories about riding pillion at 125 mph etc (all exciting "boys-stuff" - he's just a big kid).

I hope that everyone has had a really enjoyable weekend with loads of stitching activity - I always enjoy browsing the blogs on a Monday, as the weekends can often the most productive time for us stitchy-girls :o)


Nela said...

ali el tema de investigacion se ve interesantisimo, estas estudiando administacion? a ver por que no me escribes a mi particular y me cuentas algo mas de ti? tu eres de donde? donde aprendiste espaƱol?

AngelSan said...

I have a lead for your research: come and spend time with us the merry scientists and see how we get not so merry at the mere thought of IT people... and the numerous hours we have to spend fighting against the computers to comply to YOUR desideratas, instead of spending time in the lab finding new cures ;)

ok, we are waiting for the electronic labnotebooks like a new eden, but it could be hell in practice... we'll see...

looks like you got a very busy Sunday, without DH to slow you down and distract you or anything. I live in the reverse ;)

I'm glad, this time I understood all what nela just wrote, I must be getting better at guessing spanish ;)

I just bought "Carol Vorderman's extreme sudoku" on Saturday, nice tips and all to solve fiendish grids... soon I'll be the best ;)