February 19, 2006

What does your Birthday Mean?

I would like to credit Mel's blog for the link to this cool 'game' - try it, its quick to do and a lot of fun!

Thanks, Mel - your site is great :-)


Your Birthdate:
May 20

You are a virtual roller coaster of emotions, and most people enjoy the ride.

Your mood tends to set the tone of the room, and when you're happy, this is a good thing.

When you get in a dark mood, watch out - it's very hard to get you out of it.

It's sometimes hard for you to cheer up, and your gloom can be contagious.

Your strength: Your warm heart

Your weakness: Trouble controlling your emotions

Your power color: Black

Your power symbol: Musical note

Your power month: February


Nela said...

ayy falta ya poco, a ver por que no me envias tu direccion?

Rowyn said...

Yay for you, you got your photo in your profile! :-)

Mel in Dubai said...

Hi Ali! Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your nice comments too :)